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GDP: Short for Generally Dubious Puffery?

GDP might well be the least bad of all the flawed ways in which we can measure the health of our economy. But it's far from perfect, especially if you're aiming to capture the impact of the economy on people.

A report about harsh limits on some ATM withdrawals in Macau had raised fears gamblers would soon have less cash to splurge.

Casino stocks recover on Macau relief

Casino stocks including Melco Crown have rebounded after the government of world's largest gambling market placed restrictions on ATM withdrawals that weren't as harsh as expected.

It is important to remember that markets are at fair value for only the briefest of moments, says Rithotz.

Six things to consider

Sentiment is frothy, valuations are elevated and yet new highs are bullish. Perhaps there's room to run, says Barry Ritholtz.

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