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Labor and coalition agree to keep tax lurk

The current FBT treatment of vehicles is particularly dumb policy.

If the government and Labor were serious about budget savings, they could agree to scrap a $1.8 billion tax lurk that benefits the few at the expense of the majority.

Fear that China debt bubble will burst

The IMF has been calling out its concerns about China's debt levels for months.

Forget the US or Europe, because China is shaping up as the favourite to fall victim to a major banking crisis, according to a dire and frightening warning from the Bank for International Settlements.

Counting the cost of banks breaking bad

The penalty regime in Australia needs to be far harsher

When the big four banks are called to parliament to face their first public hearings on October 4, 5 and 6 it is worth remembering that financial misconduct isn’t unique to Australia.

The house price souffle is rising again

The home ownership dream may never become a reality for some sections of the market.

The first two weeks of spring have brought with them an ominous threat - that house property values are getting a second wind in the already blustery property market.

Myer shrinks its way to growing profit

For the past year, Myer's strategy has been marked as a great culling exercise.

If all goes according to plan, Myer's sixth year of falling profits should be the last decline for the retailer, which is now 12 months into a much-heralded revival plan - which ironically involves shrinking its way to better performance.

No need to panic over $30 billion plunge

There are plenty of experts blaming Monday's fall on computer generated selling.

The more than $30 billion plunge in the value of Australian equities on Monday will make a dent in all our investments and super funds and result in an understandable degree of panic.

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