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Minding your own business could pay off in MYOB float

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Marcus Padley 1:46 AM   The Golden Rule of IPOs is simple and goes something like this, "If it's any good you won't get offered it and if you get offered it, you don't want it".

Rio's Walsh lays it on the line: the weak are on their own

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Malcolm Maiden 12:15 AM   Rio Tinto chief executive Sam Walsh told small iron ore mining companies the supply-side pressure that has contributed to a slide in iron ore prices from around $US135 a tonne at the beginning of last year to around $US50 a tonne now isn't going to be relieved by Australia's two Pilbara giants.

Australian business makes slow progress in fastest growing economy

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Matt Wade 12:15 AM   India's ascension to the top of the growth leader board raises an awkward question for Australia: why have our businesses made such slow progress in the world's fastest growing economy?

Banks 'plunder' travellers with forex fees on credit card transactions

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Michael West 12:15 AM   The moral of the story for anyone travelling overseas is simple: if you are overseas and you are offered the opportunity to pay in Australian dollars or the foreign currency, select the foreign currency.

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ASIC a sheep in wolf's clothing

''ASIC throws whistleblowers to the wolves and tries to pretend they don't exist.''

Jeff Morris 5:59 PM   After ASIC's exposure as a ''weak and hesitant regulator'', it is now desperate to look like it is doing its job.

Time to merge Australia and New Zealand

Harold Mitchell

Harold Mitchell   I've always argued that the best leaders are those who plan a long way ahead.

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Car lobby defeats consumers on grey imports

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Michael Pascoe   In a contest between the nation’s car dealers on one hand and the Productivity Commission and Harper competition review on the other, the government is going with the dealers.

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Rotten structure is teetering

The crisis in confidence springs from a series of exposes in the financial planning arms of some of the country's biggest banks.

Adele Ferguson   ANZ bank's revelation that it misled customers by charging them for advice they didn't receive is appalling but not surprising.

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PanAust faces hostile Chinese bid

Elizabeth Knight.

Elizabeth Knight   Chinese state-owned enterprise Guangdong Rising Asset Management is cutting the PanAust board out of the equation and appealing directly to shareholders.

We’re spending bigger on the biggest things to spend on

Auction clearance rates are at record levels.

Michael Pascoe   You know the story – woe is Australia, unemployment is rising, business and consumer confidence are both down, we’re all going to hell. Strange thing though is that we’re spending with our ears pinned back on the most expensive things we ever buy.

East West needs to be Victoria's last project debacle

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Malcolm Maiden   Credit and blame are fairly evenly shared in the East West Link tollway contract dispute that Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced on Wednesday had been provisionally settled after months of tense negotiation.

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More questions over NAB culture after huge Clydesdale fine

The scandals at Clydesdale raise more questions about NAB's behaviour at home.

Adele Ferguson   NAB’s behaviour in Britain raises broader questions about its culture in Australia.

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East West: In the end, a fair deal on both sides

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Malcolm Maiden   The aim of commercial negotiations is to find a deal that both sides can live with, and the heads of agreement that promises to settle the dispute over the Andrews government’s decision to cancel the East West Link tollway project fits the bill.

Long CEO stays deliver calm CEO handovers

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Malcolm Maiden   GPT chief executive Michael Cameron reinforced what you might call the rule of longevity on the weekend when he told his chairman, Rob Ferguson, that he was about to be confirmed as the next chief executive of Suncorp.

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Confusing signals ahead of crunch budget

Budget time again looms for Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey.

Michael Pascoe   I don't know quite what Joe Hockey means when he talks about next month's budget. I don't know if anyone does.

David in defamation duel with Goliath

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Adele Ferguson   A legal action funded by Commonwealth Bank should send shivers down the spines of whistleblowers around the country.

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Billionaire Stokes passes management crown to son Ryan

Elizabeth Knight.

Elizabeth Knight   There will be the inevitable claims of nepotism on Monday in response to Kerry Stokes' son Ryan taking over the reins of chief executive officer at Seven Group Holdings.

Coal makes a comeback thanks to carbon price repeal

At present, there's nothing to stop us thinking coal will continue to play a dominant, even growing, role.

Clancy Yeates   Nine months after the carbon price was repealed, the good times are back for some of the most carbon-intensive electricity generators in the developed world.

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Reckon we need smaller government? Think again

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Gareth Hutchens   We've heard plenty of ideological talk about the need for smaller government in recent years.

We can borrow what we need

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Malcolm Maiden   This is a moment to take advantage of cheap money, and perhaps even consider the possibility that Australia could get by for a while without its triple A borrowing status.

Microsoft HQ's Mr Nice Guy shows inquiry where power lies

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Michael West   You almost felt sorry for Microsoft tax executive Bill Sample this week. The softly spoken American had left his family at Easter and flown out for the express purpose of being hammered by the Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidance.

Managing through the messaging

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Harold Mitchell   It seems that an old noun has recently given birth to a new verb – "messaging". It has probably grown out of the public service, as I know it likes to take credit for many things.

Seasonal share performance charts point to peak gains

Marcus Padley

Marcus Padley   All the big income stocks have two notable seasonal peaks followed by two periods of fairly reliable underperformance.

Taxing times now there are no excuses

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Michael Pascoe   Dear Joe, thanks for the invitation to take part in “an open and constructive conversation” on the tax system.

Big Four firms consistently 'unaware' before tax inquiry

Senator Christine Milne at the corporate tax avoidance inquiry.

Michael West   Representatives from "Big Four" accounting firm Deloitte were up before the Senate tax inquiry on Friday morning. They were keen to dispel any notion that their firm would have any involvement in tax avoidance.

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Banks duck Senate spotlight

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Adele Ferguson   The bosses of the country’s six biggest financial planning institutions won't have to appear together before the Scrutiny of Financial Advice inquiry.

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Max's Sydney Airport loses its loser tag

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Colin Kruger, CBD   Max Moore-Wilton will be able to go out on a high when he chairs his final AGM for Sydney Airport next month.

EU's hard line pushes Greece into arms of the Kremlin

Vladimir Putin

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard   Europe has presented Vladimir Putin with an irresistible strategic prize on a platter. By insisting rigidly that Greece’s radical-Left government repudiate its electoral pledges and submit to ritual fealty it has pushed premier Alexis Tsipras into the arms of the Kremlin.

Video pirates walk the plank

Elizabeth Knight.

Elizabeth Knight   Internet providers have finally been forced into action but it remains to be seen whether illegal downloaders will change their ways.

Senate tax avoidance inquiry: the secret of its success

The kidnap issue and the Facebook disclosures are part of a common theme at the tax inquiry: transparency.

Michael West   Corporate regulators were asked to explain to the Senate Inquiry into Corporate Tax Avoidance on Thursday how tech giant Facebook managed to get an exemption from being a "large company" .

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