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The drama shaking up US politics

Roger Ailes, creator of Fox News, has been the creator and destroyer of political ambitions over the years.

If you thought the shenanigans at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland were the weirdest thing happening in America this week, you would be wrong.

Hot air rife in renewables 'debate'

More than 83 per cent of South Australia's electricity came from renewables earlier this month.

'Never let the facts get in the way of a lobbying position' could well apply to both sides of the 'debate' over the role of renewable energy in South Australia.

Accounting for Dick Smith failures

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As the receivers, administrators and ASIC work through the wreckage of Dick Smith's collapse, the accounting profession has questions to confront.

Race is on for the emile-high club

The upgrading of the business class cabin may be one of the last major announcements made by Virgin boss John Borghetti.

Australia's airline wars have entered another battle ground. This time it's the Wi-Fi wars - be it tweeting over the Tasman or joining the emile-high club, the race is on.

The scare campaign that didn't scare anyone

Malcolm Turnbull has blamed Labor's "Mediscare" campaign for the loss of seats.

The Liberal Party has been saying plenty about Labor's "Mediscare" in the election postmortem, but there's been precious little about its own scare campaign: Negative gearing.

What do we pay fund managers for?

The median Australian shares manager delivered around 1.3 per cent over the year.

For most of us who pay hefty fees for professional managers to look after our super, a study of their performance in 2016 should be a worry.

UK giant to open inside Myer

John Lewis's department store on Oxford Street in London.

One of the UK's premier and largest department stores groups, John Lewis, is heading to Australia in partnership with Myer.

Few could disrupt like Keating

Change the only constant: Prime Minister Paul Keating speaking to John Laws in 1993.

Like it or not, change is the only constant. The question is whether our leaders can take people with them as confident participants.

How to combat healthy living

Coca-Cola is battling to remain relevant as health consciousness increasingly drives decisions about food and drink.

Increasing health consciousness is driving decisions about what we drink and the profit to be made from it.

Get a grip, it's politics as usual

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The election result isn't the equivalent of an Antipodean Brexit or a Trump. Heck, we haven't even changed our PM for 10 months. Well, not yet anyway.

The campaign's other big lie

Peter Martin.

There's no evidence that South Australia or any other state will "benefit enormously from the free trade agreements the Coalition has signed", in large part because the Coalition has ensured there isn't.

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