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Making a move, but staying put, too

ANITA Tikkisetty already owns a house in the Balwyn High School zone but she's looking for something bigger.

Her eldest daughter finishes year 12 at Balwyn High School this year, but with another child starting year 7 in 2013, the family need to stay close.

''It's good for them to be able to walk to school in year 7 or 8,'' Ms Tikkisetty said.

The family have been very happy with the school and the area, which has good public transport links to the city.

''It's a public school with private facilities. That's it in a nutshell,'' Ms Tikkisetty said.

''It's an excellent school, not only academically. They've been very helpful and informative.''

While some people sell first and buy later, Ms Tikkisetty is playing the real estate game more cautiously and will buy first.

''I've been looking for two to three years and it was a bit depressing - the houses have been either really low quality or too expensive,'' she said.

''In the past few weeks there have been more houses to look at and they haven't gone for crazy prices, unless there's been a few people bidding at the auction.''