The Economy

Britain has left the EU.

How Australian businesses reacted to Brexit

The United Kingdom's decision to vote to leave the European Union was one motivated by emotion and fear, Australian business leaders say.

Scope economic survey

Experts forecast low rates, weak economy

The mid-year Scope BusinessDay economic survey - Australia's longest running - predicts economic growth of just 2.6 per cent in 2016-17.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Britain's Queen Elizabeth II. China is also well-placed to weather any post-Brexit ...

What Brexit would mean for Asia

While a Brexit would almost certainly cause turmoil in Europe, its effects on Asian economies, including China, may be much more benign.

Governments will need to step up to encourage companies to invest again, says Morgan Stanley.

Looks a bit like it's the 1930s

To understand today's global economy, look back 80 years. Now, just like then, a financial crisis has left deep scars.

Many pain drugs have been linked with weight gain.

Drugs aren't working for our economy

Futile attempts to regulate the sale of codeine-based painkillers illustrate the wider impasse on structural reforms putting a brake on growth.

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