Westpac's Bill Evans vindicated on RBA interest rate call

Jens Meyer Not many economists got Tuesday's rate cut right. But one sage was on the money.


Mortgage owners benefit from RBA interest rate cut and low petrol prices

Petrol pump

Lisa Visentin and Lucy Battersby Mortgage holders have been delivered some respite from the stranglehold of cost of living pressure, with the Reserve Bank dropping the interest rate to a record low of 2.25 per cent on Tuesday.

Petrol and interest rates fall a gain for consumers

Allegation: Petrol price gouging in rural areas.

Lucy Battersby Hip pockets will be well cushioned in coming months after the Reserve Bank cut the cash rate to the lowest level in 25 years.

Malcolm Maiden

Three important messages in the Reserve Bank's rate cut

Malcolm Maiden dinkus Dinkus

Malcolm Maiden The bank is cutting despite assuring the markets last year that it would signal a change more gradually, and will not have done so lightly.


Building approvals dip in December

 Private sector house construction stayed constant at 9314 homes but private sector dwellings, excluding houses, dropped 9.7 per cent to 7985 dwellings.

Stephen Cauchi The rate of building approvals have shown a slight decrease from November to December, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


RBA cuts interest rates to record low of 2.25%

RBA governor Glenn Stevens.

Mark Mulligan The RBA has cut interest rates for the first time since August 2013 to a new record low of 2.25 per cent.


Consumer confidence slips despite cheaper petrol, rate cut hopes

Allegation: Petrol price gouging in rural areas.

Jens Meyer Consumer confidence has slipped slightly despite cheaper petrol prices and the prospect of another rate cut, which ANZ says is due to rate cuts not providing the same boost to sentiment as in past...


Six ways a rate cut could affect your household and business budget


Misa Han After 18 months of staying on hold, the Reserve Bank could cut the cash rate at 2.30pm today. How does an official rate cut trickle down to a consumer's hip pocket?

Why I think the Reserve Bank will cut interest rates

Reserve Bank of Australia

Peter Martin The Reserve Bank is set to cut interest rates on Tuesday because it's the only thing it can do.

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Rate cut

Roubini Global urges RBA to hold interest rates

Doctor Doom: Co-founder and chairman of Roubini Global Economics, Dr. Nouriel Roubini.

Vesna Poljak Roubini Global Economics has thrown its weight behind an on-hold outcome for the Reserve Bank of Australia’s blockbuster February policy meeting.

Michael Pascoe

Malcolm Turnbull one of four reasons RBA should not cut interest rates

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Michael Pascoe There is a case for waiting at least another month and perhaps longer before considering cutting rates.


2015 BusinessDay Economic Survey: Economy weak, cash rate steady


Peter Martin Fresh from its success in forecasting correctly that the Reserve Bank would go a year without a moving its cash rate, the BusinessDay forecasting panel is predicting a second year of the same.


2015 BusinessDay Economic Survey: Economists temper banks' alarm over tougher capital rules


Clancy Yeates Bank warnings that tougher capital rules threaten to damage the economy have failed to convince several leading economists, who say the impact will be minor at best.


2015 BusinessDay Economic Survey: How the BusinessDay forecasts got most things right in 2014

The unexpected took everyone by surprise. Illustration: Karl Hilzinger.

Peter Martin What our panel got right about 2014 it got spectacularly right. What it got wrong was awfully wrong.

Ross Gittins

CPI: How the ABS gets the measure of the inflation situation


Ross Gittins So, the Bureau of Statistics has spoken. But how does the bureau come up with its figures? And who believes them?

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Rate Cut

2015 BusinessDay Economic Survey: Australian dollar plunges, Reserve Bank rate cut on the cards

Economists are split over whether the RBA will bow to domestic and international pressure to cut rates.

Gareth Hutchens The Australian dollar has plunged to its lowest level since mid-2009, with speculation mounting that interest rates could be cut to historic lows next week.


Low petrol prices the same as two rate cuts: Deutsche Bank

The national retail petrol price has fallen to $1.157/litre as of January 18, from $1.541/litre a year ago, according to the Australian Institute of Petroleum (AIP).

Jens Meyer Lower petrol prices are putting the equivalent of two rate cuts worth of savings into the pockets of households, economists say.


2015 BusinessDay Economic Survey: Despite swings, flat year tipped for shares

Skin in the game brings better results: ASX requirements for independent board directors have been counterproductive, a new study claims.

Stephen Cauchi The Australian sharemarket could go as much as 10 per cent up or down over the coming year, Fairfax Media's survey of 16 economists shows.


Surging gas prices to prompt switch to electricity

Gas consumers in NSW are already facing price hikes of an estimated 40 per cent in their gas bills.

Brian Robins To head off the impact of the "inevitable price shock" from surging domestic gas prices, the NSW government should help households and businesses to switch to electricity, away from using gas, the...


Australia's open-door policy hurts domestic tourism: Qantas

Qantas is retiring its Boeing 767 fleet.

Jamie Freed Qantas says the government’s strategy of allowing air capacity to grow ahead of demand had come at a cost to the national economy.