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Where the most charitable Australians live

When it comes to giving, Melburnians living in Middle Park rank as the most charitable, followed by South Australians living in Vale Park, residents living in Killara, NSW, and Vaucluse in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs.

The figures, released by NAB in its inaugural NAB Charitable Giving Index, were compiled using donations made by credit card, BPay and EFTPOS. They give Australians – and the 600,000 non profit entities trying to raise money - an idea of who is giving what, when, and where.

The data show that charitable giving in the first seven months of 2012 increased by 4.7 per cent over the same period last year and the average annual donation size increased 0.7 per cent to $292.

Where the money is going

The figures also shine a spotlight on where the money is going. Figures reveal that medical research and services, cancer and health and disability charities attract the most dollars.


In the year to July 2012, around 32 per cent of donations were directed to humanitarian services, which includes Oxfam and World Vision, slightly down from 34 per cent in the previous corresponding period.

The second biggest recipients were community service and children/family charities with 15 per cent of donations, down 1 per cent on last year.

While these get the lion’s share of donations, some other charities increased their market share to 14 per cent, from 13 per cent in January-July 2011. The share of donations to medical research services and health was 12 per cent and health and disability at 11 per cent were unchanged.

Cancer charities received 8 per cent of donations.  Animals and the environment had the smallest share with 7 per cent.

In a media release today, NAB revealed that by postcode, the average amount of money spent on charity per person was highest in Middle Park, Victoria ($334), followed by Vale Park, SA ($276) and Killara, NSW ($248).

Percentage of income given

But if generosity is measured in terms of how much of their income people give then residents from Lakes Entrance, Victoria, win hands down. The index shows that Lakes Entrance gave 0.34 per cent of their income to charity, followed by Vale Park (SA) with 0.31 per cent and Middle Park (Vic) at 0.28 per cent.

It found that on average, the top 10 postcodes from ACT (0.21 per cent) donated most income to charity, while Queensland (0.16 per cent), NSW (0.14 per cent) and WA (0.13 per cent) donated the least.

Paula Benson, NAB General Manager Corporate Responsibility said the index shows a clear uplift in giving in June due to the availability of tax concessions, and again in November, reflecting the success of campaigns such as Movember and a stronger motivation to donate ahead of the Christmas season.


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