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How do we protect those to whom we never listen?

Jenna Price Anne Kavanagh says she isn't disabled right now.

Doctors not developing skills, understanding necessary to provide abortions

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Jenna Price There are lots of problems surrounding abortion. But this is one many would not have considered.

At last, insightful thinking on universities

Jenna Price The good news began for the higher education sector with the removal of The Fixer as Overlord.

We've all become the biggest losers as health insurance survey continues the undermining of Medicare

Jenna Price It's 7am, November 2017.  The queue for the national weigh-in snakes from Braddon to Bunbury.

Performance review rated as unsatisfactory

News from the United States is that the performance review is in its terminal stages.

Jenna Price What does your boss think about you? Chances are you are about to find out because it's the annual performance review season.

The five stages of kicking addictions according to Carlo DiClemente

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Jenna Price Turns out that if you love novelty and you like to take risks, you may also be a candidate for addiction.

Where are the safeguards for victims of assault on Nauru?

What is happening on Nauru should be terrifying to anyone who believes refugees should be treated like human beings.

Jenna Price I can't quite picture health services on Nauru. Nor do I even know who the doctors and nurses are on Nauru.

Funding people who speak out against government policies, there should be more of it.

Medical staff at one of Australia's most prestigious institutions want to stop asylum seekers being sent back to detention.

Jenna Price Government funding people who speak out against government policies. Should be more of it.

Workers need penalty rates, despite push by business

Jenna Price.

Jenna Price Workers need penalty rates, despite push by business

Luke Batty inquest reinforces the need for follow-up and engagement

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Jenna Price It's horrifying to think of a young child battered to death by his father. On Monday, it was all Australians could think about as Coroner Ian Gray delivered the findings of the inquest into the death...

Deaths in the detail: federal domestic violence funding doesn't add up

Jenna Price There are deaths in the detail. Amid the $100 million funding to stop family violence in Australia announced yesterday, there is $7 million a year missing.

We hoped for change with the new PM; we should have known better

Question: What will be different from now on?

Jenna Price For a brief few moments, I forgot we were swapping a neoconservative for a neoliberal. We are swapping a vision of Australia where women are womanly: part-time jobs, fulltime families, no ambition...

Violence against women is not a political plaything - not even Rosie Batty can save Abbott now

Prime Minister Tony Abbott the Nationals 2015 Federal Conference in Canberra on Saturday 12 September 2015. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Jenna Price It's January 2015. Tony Abbott is in deep hot water. Again.

Don't use my money to dig the graves

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Jenna Price All the dead were in my dreams. They were all crowded into a little rowboat. And I was rowing.

Border Force's Operation Fortitude was beyond the pale

Border Force's Operation Fortitude created anxieties for those with memories of authoritarian regimes.

Jenna Price Anyone who has ever experienced racism will know how terrifying Border Force's Operation Fortitude could be.

Epigenetics research suggests anxiety may have genetic markers

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Jenna Price New research from Rachel Yehuda, a professor of psychiatry in the Icahn School of Medicine, at Mount Sinai Hospital in the United States, has been hailed as proof that psychological burdens of...

Wanted: MPs to represent cleaners' interests as wage gap widens


Jenna Price Some people who work in Parliament House haven't had any trouble getting pay rises. It's much harder for others.

It's more about Donald Trump than about women


Jenna Price When Hillary Clinton first ran for the US presidency, men foamed at the mouth.

Men looking after themselves badly

Jenna Price News again a man has died far too early. Don Randall, 62, the federal MP for the seat of Canning, was found dead of a heart attack in his car last month. .

All the lost years: women and suicide

The rate and number of women who kill themselves is immovable and the number of those women aged between 15 and 24 years who injured themselves so severely they needed hospital treatment has soared

Jenna Price The rate and number of women who kill themselves is immovable – around five per 100,000. Every year, every single year since 1989. And while that number won't budge, another has soared.