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Government's mean policies will have reverse effect on family stability

Jenna Price In the world of Kevin Andrews, the Minister for Straight White Families, marriage is good for children. In the his world, marriage is good, de facto is bad.

Jenna Price: Tony Abbott should get back to work and stop focusing on MH17

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Jenna Price What happened with MH17 was appalling. Innocent people murdered as a result of conflict.

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A city honours the dead


Jenna Price The streets of Melbourne are scattered with flowers. They are on bridges and again on the footpaths. It is a city honouring the dead.

Bridging the gender pay gap begins at home

Matt Davidson colour illustration. For Opinion 05-01-2013.

Jenna Price Turns out not even my granddaughters will get equal pay for equal work.

Dinosaurs of the political right

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Jenna Price It seems to me that we have a carnival of sexism, racism and homophobia across all levels of politics in this country.

The terrors of the 57 syndrome


Jenna Price I’m not a particularly superstitious person, not prone to little acts of luck.

A word of financial advice: don't trust the government

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Jenna Price I used to love you but it's all over now.

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Joe Hockey's numbers racket

Jenna Price I admit it. Between 1979 and 1981, I was a welfare recipient.

Worrying doesn't help - but grandkids sure would


Jenna Price At what stage, if ever, do we stop feeling worried about our kids and their choices?

David Astle: The crossword king who tortures Herald readers

'He is devilishly difficult. Some days you lose the will to live': The Herald's crossword king David Astle.

Jenna Price David Astle writes the notorious cryptic crossword which appears, reliable as an alarm, every Friday in The Sydney Morning Herald.

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It's agreed. Tony Abbott is unpopular enough to survive

Jenna Price It’s always good to have a mix of people over, isn’t it? People you know really well. People you’ve only just met. Serves to make the conversation a little more lively.

Privilege begets privilege when elites are first in the queue


Jenna Price These days, my kids get their own jobs, although if I can give them a hand I will. I would certainly make a phone call on their behalf (although they usually tell me that any call I make would...

Joe Hockey sympathises; no, really he does

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Jenna Price In just seven days, I can make you a man. Someone’s been singing that Rocky Horror Picture Show tune in Joe Hockey’s ear this week, as the Treasurer moves among his people.

'Counting dead women' as legal cuts hurt female victims of violent crime


Jenna Price How long will it take for the Abbott government to start counting the cost to the community of its budget changes?

Pollies' pay freeze does not impress me

Jenna Price Before you get too impressed about a pay freeze for parliamentarians, let me say this: $195,130 - top of the earning pops in this country. In fact, parliamentarians, they are the two per cent.

Auditing the auditors: debunking some economic myths

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Jenna Price Australian spending has flatlined over the past 30 years. You did not learn that from the National Commission of Audit.

Tony Shepherd's numbers on health don't add up

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Jenna Price Tony Shepherd is the man in charge of the National Commission of Audit and is using inaccurate numbers to push an ideological ordinary-Australian-hating line.

Super funds must start investing ethically

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Jenna Price I usually know where my money goes, right down to every last dollar. That's both the joy and penalty for being a wage slave – there is no pot into which I can sink my paws to rescue me if I'm short.

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Coalition shows holiday horrors aren't limited to roads


Jenna Price My understanding of the Abbott government is that it isn't that keen on the public and, moreover, it wishes the public never expressed its interest.

Monogamy cheated by being dubbed outdated

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Jenna Price The poor child was in the bathroom in Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building sobbing, her face a smear of snot and mascara.