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All the lost years: women and suicide

Jenna Price The rate and number of women who kill themselves is immovable – around five per 100,000. Every year, every single year since 1989. And while that number won't budge, another has soared.

Australian race relations suffering from a lack of political leadership


Jenna Price Who's going to stand up against bigots and racists?

The virtues of giving something back


Jenna Price Our contribution to building a better society is crumbling.

Our cock-eyed response to violence


Jenna Price What kind of a government plays the terrorism card and ignores the abuse in homes across Australia that affects us all?

Family violence: a missed opportunity

Jenna Price It's one thing to get on a stage with a woman who lost her son to family violence. It's quite another to stop it happening to someone else.

Discussion paper shows government is keen to dismantle school funding

Jenna Price Just as it is trying to undermine the public health system and Medicare, which underpins it, through an endless series of ploys such as co-payments and reducing the Medicare rebate to our valiant...

Mother and autistic child to be deported unless Immigration Minister is merciful


Jenna Price An Indonesian woman who risked everything for her autistic daughter faces deportation with her child unless she receives some unlikely mercy.

Housing bubble concerns misplaced, but what about our kids?


Jenna Price My street was filled with fancy cars. Mine was not among the fancy, valued at $15,000 for insurance.

We're finally on the road to marriage equality

Jenna Price I'm one of those people who campaigns long and hard for people to get married because of my own happy personal experience (if that's not projection, nothing is).

Why university did not prepare Christopher Pyne to reimagine higher education

Wrong age: Since Christopher Pyne attended university, class size has changed and so has class.

Jenna Price Christopher Pyne is so desperate to save money that he is cutting programs to help university students learn.

How working mothers are sowing the seeds of a gender wage gap revolution


Jenna Price By setting an example for their children, working mothers are a 'silver bullet' for reducing inequality at work and at home.

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Australian women 'double-crossed' over paid parental leave


Jenna Price When my first baby was five weeks old, I went back to work. I had six weeks paid maternity leave and nothing else.

Loyalty in the medical profession cuts both ways


Jenna Price Sexual harassment at work is not about sex. It's about power. Who holds it. Who uses it well. Who uses it badly.

Be authentic on social media, but just don't offend anyone


Jenna Price Let me be clear – there are good, decent, kind Australians who wish never to have anything to do with Anzac commemorations of any kind, who feel uncomfortable at the way in which it's been...

How I fell for Anzac Day, and why I'm over it


Jenna Price No wonder it’s hard to hear the Last Post. It’s drowned out by the ka-ching of the Anzac tills.

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Anti-vaccine battle plan all wrong


Jenna Price I believe in vaccination so much that when my son was 16, I paid $400 to take him to the local GP so he too could benefit from Gardasil.

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Anti-penalty rates campaign backfires


Jenna Price This ad makes no sense whatsoever. It is just a serious misjudgement of the Australian mood.

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Men should engage their brains before talking to women


Jenna Price Men hire people just like them. They promote people just like them. They socialise with people just like them.

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Why the Medicare freeze matters to everyone who visits a GP


Jenna Price The government has carefully targeted GPs by effectively freezing their payments over time and that poses a real threat to the doctors who are our frontline defence in the community.

Government whip Andrew Nikolic lashes out at academic freedom


Jenna Price Government hardman Andrew Nikolic has five university degrees but no clue about the concept of academic freedom.