Richard Denniss

Dr Richard Denniss is chief economist at The Australia Institute, a Canberra think tank,

Richard Denniss.

Blackouts and prawns

"Peak energy demand" has nothing to do with a lack of "baseload" power, whatever the government says.

Jim Pavlidis artwork.

Back in the day, they called it lying

Barnaby Joyce was "post-truth" way before it was cool. In fact, few politicians were better prepared for the new era of "alternative facts" than Barnaby Joyce.

Scott Morrison.

Good debt, bad debt, and ugly politics

This week Scott Morrison killed off yet another of Tony Abbott's slogans. The budget emergency is now dead, and the Treasurer assures us that we now live in the era of 'good debt' and bad debt'.

I suspect when Treasurer Scott Morrison talks about the "taxed and the taxed nots'', he isn't thinking about rich, ...

Scott Morrison reverts to type

A retired bank CEO with $10 million in his super pays zero tax each year. Nada. Zip. He wouldn't even pay the Medicare levy.