Toni Hassan

Toni Hassan is a Canberra writer and Adjunct Research Fellow with the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, Charles Sturt University.

Major-General John Cantwell hands the gold-plated assault rifle to then War Memorial executive Nola Anderson in 2007.

Booty from an "illegal war"

The War Memorial's gold-plated 'souvenir' from Saddam's regime demeans its commemoration of conflicts.

Don't buy just more stuff for your loved ones at Christmas. Give them your time.

Give the gift of quality time this Christmas

Here's a radical idea this Christmas. Don't buy just more stuff for your loved ones. Give them your time. Time is the ultimate non-renewable resource. The irony of giving your time to others, mindfully, involves being less time-obsessed. Each of doesn't really have more or less time. We have the same amount. You may have heard the one about the bloke who was asked, 'If he had only 48 hours left to live, how would he spend them? 'One hour at a time," he replied.

Bishop Greg Thompson has taken a leading role against sex abuse.

It takes a village to prevent institutional sexual abuse

"It takes a village..." was perhaps Hillary Clinton's most memorable line. It was given a macabre twist in the Academy award-winning movie Spotlight, about the cover-up of sexual abuse by Catholic Church clergy in Boston. One of the actors observed that "if it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse one."