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Column 8

"Having visited several art galleries at Easter, I would like to know which genius decided gallery visitors are either vertically challenged or children? Otherwise, I fail to find any logical reason for positioning titles and descriptions of the works at 120 centimetres from floor level, thus requiring viewers of average height to bend down or kneel in order to read them." Regards, Peter Noone, Meadowbank. [C8: Maybe installed by someone with Toulouse-Lautrec Syndrome.]

Ross McLean of Helensburg writes: "Perhaps if Auntie uses UPPER CASE the problem will be resolved (C8, ABC graphics). Even on ABC HD the font was poor. Still seeing o's for e's there too. Poor ol' Sydony as our Olympic friend may be encouraged to say."

"Hi-Ho the Merrio, rain in Port Macquario." Thanks Beverley Izard, Sancrox ("near Port Macquario").

Graham Lum of North Rocks writes in desperation. "Due to never-ending scam phone calls, I have requested Optus numerous times to remove my landline number from white pages. In spite of repeated assurances the listing remains and the calls continue. Do C8ers have a solution?"

"Mr Trump regurgitates the mishmash of ideas sprouted by Frank Burns (C8, M*A*S*H), so obviously he has digested many episodes. About time he progressed to Get Smart." Joy Cooksey, Harrington.

Beryl Wales shouldn't be too concerned about Donald Trump, suggests Peter Riley, Penrith. "I suspect that the big red button he's been given is a fake."


Column 8ers, time to stick up for posties after George Manojlovic's unkind description of his postie as a "dog's breakfast", says Lorna Denham, Cardiff Heights (C8). "Posties should be admired, not ridiculed for doing their job; riding their motorbikes in all weathers. Their uniform must be very heavy and uncomfortable particularly in hot weather."

ANZAC corner. "I recall my Dad telling me of similar cuisine (C8, dingo breakfast)," says Bob McGuire, Ocean Shores. "He was a member of the 2/12th Field Company, 8th Division, in World War II. He and his comrades became 'guests' of the Japanese emperor from February 1944 until August 1945. He mentioned to me on one occasion that the dingo's breakfast was part of his 'diet' in those times."

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