The Canberra Times Editorials

UnionsACT's delusions undermine Barr Government

Mr Barr would be wise to publicly reject the latest UnionsACT demand at the first available opportunity in order to put the Government's independence of thought and action beyond all possible doubt.

Indigenous recognition push may come to naught

The major criticism of the "indigenous voice" proposal is that nobody knows what powers it would have, how it would work, how the representatives would be chosen, what it would cost and how it would be funded.

Pell charges are the latest chapter in a sorry saga

A decision to lay charges indicates that on the basis of evidence which has yet to be tested in court the authorities are of the view it is "more likely than not" to result in a successful prosecution.

Tony Abbott needs embrace change for his party's sake

Compromise and the establishment of a consensus are crucial to the operation of any political party. This is particularly the case with the Liberals whose movement embraces strong centrist and right wing traditions.