The Canberra Times Editorials

Turnbull's struggle for survival just got that much tougher

Both Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard would have been able to warn Malcolm Turnbull that when you are the prime minister you have to defend yourself against enemies from without and within your own ranks. Turnbull has more to fear from his own backbench than from Bill Shorten and Labor.

Energy policy should be bipartisan

Australia's energy sector has been mired in politics for too long. It's time for governments to set aside short-term point scoring and act in the national interest.

Did Trump's first month pave road to US ruin?

There is a very real danger that if Trump continues to fail thanks to arrogance, ignorance, unwillingness to take advice and his fast and loose relationship with facts, he may bring America down with him.

Curtin shops decision a clear win for Canberrans

ACT planning authorities were right to reject plans for a mini-skyscraper redevelopment of the Curtin shops which has been strongly opposed by the local community. The critical question is "what will happen next?"

Reform of health data systems long overdue

Accurate, reliable data. It's one of the fundamental ingredients that should go into the mixing bowl when formulating good policy. But, it seems, after a data-doctoring scandal going back to 2011 and a series of internal, external and out-sourced reviews, ACT Health is still unable to get the basics right.

Fire threat is real

The 2003 bushfires are only a distant memory because another devastating fire hasn’t happened yet.

Wake up call is overdue for owners as attack numbers soar

With more than 360 dog attacks across the ACT over the past year, many of which have resulted in the deaths of other dogs and a wide range of injuries to humans, the time has come for all of Canberra's dog owners to accept responsibility for their pets.

PM's coal sell fails to convince

Malcolm Turnbull is adept as the next politician at recanting without appearing in the least bit embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Canberra Times Editorial: No surprises from Shorten

No one was expecting bold brush strokes on policy or rhetorical flourishes from Bill Shorten when he gave his first major public address for the year on Tuesday, and the federal Opposition Leader didn't disappoint.

Detainees' fate must be given priority

While thousands of individuals from around the world became Australian citizens on Thursday, the roughly 1200 asylum-seekers on Nauru and Manus Island who have been denied that opportunity got some bad news.