The Canberra Times Editorials

More women certainly needed in public service ranks

When it comes to placing women in senior public sector roles, Australia is second only to Canada among the G20 group of nations. That said, the debate about how women can play a more significant role in government must continue.

Barr's housing efforts a mixed bag

It might be assumed Andrew Barr's devotion to equity and social justice is unimpeachable – these being central to the Labor Party's ethos. However, the chief minister's commitment to such concepts, particularly as they pertain to housing affordability, appears noticeably insubstantial at times.

What price City to the Lake?

The question of why an agency whose core business is developing and selling land on behalf of the government should be involved in key planning matters has no clear answer.

Massaging school capacity figures is not management

That the government would countenance higher school capacity figures while at the same time championing smaller class sizes and encouraging the integration of special-needs students into mainstream schools is concerning.

Clinton right to call Saudis on extremism

Hillary Clinton made an unexpected but nonetheless pertinent observation on Monday. Speaking in Cleveland, Ohio, after the Orlando atrocity, Mrs Clinton referred to the pressing need to prevent radicalisation in the US and Europe and to counter IS recruitment efforts on the two continents.

Joyce on the defensive, for good reason

Barnaby Joyce was a mix of irascibility and defensiveness when he announced on Thursday that the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority would be moving from Canberra to Armidale.

Existing laws adequate to handle OMCGs

Existing police powers are perfectly adequate to cope with bikie-related crime and the Barr government should resist calls for it to enact consorting laws.

A budget combining craft and craftiness

Andrew Barr has accomplished that most demanding of fiscal goals: a conscientious budget that enhances Labor's pre-election prospects without obvious resort to the pork barrel.

Labor slow to warm to buses

Convenience, efficiency, affordability and reliability: it's the public transport gold standard to which all governments and oppositions aspire, particularly those about to face the electorate.

Deft budget may not take Barr the distance

Andrew Barr, one of Australia's longer-serving Treasurers, is too much of an old hand and a buttoned-down personality to indulge in the kind of shameless self-promotion peddled by the likes of Joe Hockey.

Time to step up gender diversity

Gender inequality within the managerial ranks of public and private sector organisations, and how it might be improved, is one of the knottier issues that confronts employers.

Public consultations must be genuine

In what many people will regard as a welcome display of independence and autonomy, the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment this week queried the legitimacy of the government's public consultations over a proposed development along the Murrumbidgee river corridor.

Rent-seekers and Canberra town planning

In the small and interconnected world that is Canberra town planning and development, nothing is as straightforward as it seems – not the government's adherence to rigorous design principles and certainly not its commitment to administrative propriety, planning integrity, and process.

Tougher line on taxes, fines, overdue

Fines and taxes are two sides of the same revenue coin, and failure to deal appropriately with obstinate or rebellious payers undermines the notion of a collective obligation to financing the provision of government services.