The Canberra Times Editorials

Abuses stem from Territory government dysfunction

The NT juvenile justice system mess is a direct corollary of the dysfunction of Territory government, and when Mr Turnbull recovers from his shock he ought to makes this a prime focus of his royal commission.

The push for sound-proof apartments

When Access Canberra revealed there'd been a 45 per cent jump in the number of noise complaints last year, it was left to residents to ponder whether this was because the city was getting noisier or because more Canberrans were becoming intolerant of the sounds of urban life

Anti-bikie laws now unlikely

It is unlikely that the ACT will ever get anti-consorting laws given how controversial the proposal is.

IOC has no choice but to ban Russia

During the Soviet era, Russia chased Olympic gold using any means necessary, and this state policy has been renewed with vigour by the intensely nationalistic Mr Putin.

Barr’s opportunism calculated but clever

The speed with which Mr Barr created and filled the position, and its timing relative to the election, has prompted a chorus of dark mutterings about rank political opportunism.

Better options than cruelty

Anyone earning their living from raising and caring for animals are on notice from the NSW government's decision to ban greyhound racing.

Why are ACT voters treated as second rate in federal elections?

In the recent federal election, Canberra's voters were badly done by – a vote cast in the territory was worth less than that of other Australians. This is a deplorable situation that has been left hanging for far too long and should now be changed.

Greyhound racing ban tough but necessary

There's no room for vacillation when pronouncing a death sentence, and Mike Baird was all steely unforgiveness when he announced the termination of the NSW greyhound racing industry

Blair and Howard cooperate with White House war mongering

The US sought to legitimize its invasion by concocting false claims and evidence and co-opting allies like Britain and Australia – and Messrs Blair and Howard co-operated enthusiastically in the White House’s war-mongering

Politics of discontent throws up Hanson, again

For the politics of discontent not to take wider root, the established parties must begin explaining why resolving social and economic problems is never clear-cut or easy.

Turnbull has to embrace the crossbench

There is a way out this self-inflicted mess. Mr Turnbull must reach a modus vivendi with the crossbench, regardless of the risks to his leadership.

Britain's Brexit retreat a shambles

Britain is now essentially leaderless, and will remain so until September 9 when the Conservatives are expected to wrap up their selection process.

Muddying the waters on same-sex marriage

With the federal Coalition divided on whether it should be bound by a successful plebiscite and Labor saying it no longer supports a popular vote, a political resolution to the prolonged cultural conflict that is same-sex marriage seems further away than ever.

Brinkmanship on light rail contracts

A government which makes the cancellation of its pet projects as expensive or unpalatable as possible runs a risk of courting voter backlash, especially as incoming governments are under no obligation whatever to continuing their predecessors' policies.