The Canberra Times Editorials

Trade future uncertain in volatile world

The rise of nationalism on the right and left of international politics poses diplomatic challenges for Australia that haven't been seen since the end of World War II.

If Oaks Estate isn't worthy of heritage listing then what is?

Despite being better known nowadays for public housing and the ongoing battle being waged by residents to obtain basic services such as an ACTION bus, European occupation of the Oaks predates the founding of Canberra by almost a century.

Conflicting priorities confuse government

As Chief Minister Andrew Barr and his cabinet set about reshaping the city in fundamental ways, their agenda is becoming confused by imperatives that pull in conflicting directions.

ActewAGL's billing fail is unacceptable

When an organisation, either public or private, fails to perform a core function to community expectations it usually raises the question of whether or not the management and staff are up to the job.

It's time to make Haig Park live up to its full potential

Given its location, ease of access and wild beauty it should be possible to lift Haig Park out of its current doldrums where it is mostly used on weekends or by pedestrians cutting through it on their way to and from work and make it a popular and versatile recreational space.

Icon Water charge a hefty impost

Developers are about to face a significant new cost in Icon Water's capital charge, which the water and sewerage utility plans to impose from July 1.

SHOUT funding pledge a welcome development

The big challenge is to come up with an ongoing funding model that is palatable to both SHOUT and the bureaucracy that doesn't involve destroying the organisation in the name of saving it.