The Canberra Times Editorials

Rent-seekers and Canberra town planning

In the small and interconnected world that is Canberra town planning and development, nothing is as straightforward as it seems – not the government's adherence to rigorous design principles and certainly not its commitment to administrative propriety, planning integrity, and process.

Tougher line on taxes, fines, overdue

Fines and taxes are two sides of the same revenue coin, and failure to deal appropriately with obstinate or rebellious payers undermines the notion of a collective obligation to financing the provision of government services.

Culture of complacency at Defence

How did Defence come to have such such a patently deficient internal audit process, and how much money was fraudulently or wastefully spent in the years when credit cards were being handed out in the tens of thousands?

Hints of blues skies ahead for ACT

It's practically de rigueur for Territorians to decry federal budgets, so often do they entail public service spending and job cuts. This year was meant to be different, however, with expectations the widely despised 2.5 per cent efficiency dividend would be reduced.