The Canberra Times Editorials

Trump deserves a chance to prove his bona fides

Past behaviour being a good indicator of future actions, many Americans legitimately fear that the next four years of Donald Trump's presidency will be nasty, confrontational and divisive.

Baird - the man who fell from grace

If Mike Baird’s resignation as NSW Premier on Thursday caught the public and the media by surprise, some of his Liberal Party colleagues were speculating two months ago that the end might be nigh.

Uni dropout rate needs to be curbed

The news that Australia's university dropout rate is worsening and that around one in three students fails to compete their studies within six years has raised relatively few eyebrows in higher education circles. Perhaps that calm is warranted.

An investment in high hopes

Barring any last-minute presidential pardon of Chelsea Manning or Edward Snowden – a most unlikely occurrence – Barack Obama has issued his last executive order.

Plastic fantastic claims need verification

What's not to like about a facility using Australian-patented technology to convert non-recyclable plastic into "road-ready" diesel and petrol with barely registrable noise and odour levels, and with negligible emissions of harmful chemicals?

A welcome reversal on Timor Gap

East Timor's plea to the Permanent Court of Arbitration in 2016 to mediate in its dispute with Australia over claims to oil and gas reserves in the Timor Gap has paid its first dividend. It's a significant one, too.

Sussan Ley saved by Turnbull's timidity

Sussan Ley can thank prime ministerial timidity – and the requirement for natural justice – for standing aside as the Minister for Health pending an investigation of taxpayer-funded trips to the Gold Coast rather than being sacked outright.

'Australia's cool capital', really?

On Thursday, the ACT government released a list of top 10 slogans, one of which is set to adorn Canberra residents' blue and white number plates in coming months and years.

Centrelink debt recovery not the success Porter claims

It's been a notable Christmas/New Year for Christian Porter, and not in an auspicious sense. Centrelink's automated welfare debt retrieval system has mistakenly sent bills of up to $24,000 to welfare recipients.

Indonesian military quick to take offence

Australia’s military and diplomatic relationship with Indonesia is on tenterhooks again, though the whys and wherefores of this latest hiccup are less obvious than previous contretemps.

The rise and rise of the consultants

The buying-in of skills and services by federal, state and territory government departments has little in common with capital city real-estate prices save one feature – their growth appears limitless.

A small detour on Canberra's path to cool

Just as the course of true love seldom runs smooth, Canberra's quest to become the "world's coolest city" has hit a number of potholes in the past 12 months.

Abbott fooling no-one but himself

Tony Abbott's New Year resolutions for 2017 remain a matter of conjecture, but conduct befitting a government backbencher seems not to have been among them.

Time to deliver in 2017

Chief Minister Andrew Barr faced a tough 2016 but now it's time for the new ACT government to deliver for Canberra.

Swim deaths a wake-up call for parents

The South Coast exerts a powerful gravitational pull on Canberrans in the warmer summer months, underlined by their heavy presence on beaches north and south of Batemans Bay. They're also over-represented in water rescues.

West Basin pool may be a mirage

Almost from the day the Gallagher government proposed it March 2013, the City to the Lake development has been subject to constant tinkering.

APVMA move bordering on the farcical

When Barnaby Joyce announced in 2014 that the Coalition wanted to move four agriculture research agencies from Canberra to regional Australia, voters were assured the move would boost reginal employment and facilitate better stakeholder access to the agencies.

What Christmas asks for the whole of us

In many towns and cities of Australia, memories of Christmas are often of scorching hot summer days, a strong north-westerly blowing, and families gathered round the dining table tucking into a hot roast turkey followed by plum pudding and custard.

Brakes on cleaner fuels need to come off

The Turnbull government's habit of running policy ideas up the flagpole and then back down again at the first whiff of grapeshot is familiar to all.