The Canberra Times Editorials

Teachers the key to better league rankings

Australia's relatively poor performance in the latest international rankings for maths and science has elicited dismay among education policymakers, analysts and commentators – and demands for remedial action.

An opportunity too good to miss for Qatar Airways

Stealing a march on your competitors in the highly regulated international aviation industry is no easy thing, but Qatar Airways has done just that by announcing a regular service to Canberra beginning by 2018.

Turnbull's leadership at a tipping point

For Malcolm Turnbull, the last sitting day of the federal Parliamentary year on Thursday probably can't come soon enough. Tony Abbott is becoming more insistent about returning to the ministry, Attorney-General George Brandis is implicated in another controversy, Senate crossbenchers want more concessions before supporting the Coalition's bill to restore the Australian Building and Construction Commission, and Mr Turnbull's approval ratings are sliding.

Joyce's crusade may end up hurting the bush

Barnaby Joyce wears his idiosyncrasies on his sleeve, which in an era of blow-dried politicians who speak in platitudes while carefully remaining on message, is a refreshing trait.

TPP's demise a cause for concern

Donald Trump's brief You-Tube video on Monday in which he announced his intention to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal on day one of his new administration had been widely expected.

Lakeside a quagmire for ACT government initiatives

There are no signs around West Basin warning of quicksand but some may be in order after the National Capital Authority gave the Westside Container Village its marching orders on Thursday.

Time for re-examination of 457 visa scheme

For evidence that Donald Trump's election has substantially altered the landscape in America as well as abroad it was hard to go past Bill Shorten's vow on Tuesday that Labor would toughen up on visas for skilled foreign workers.

A tough job ahead for the Nationals' Barilaro

John Barilaro's election as NSW Nationals Party leader on Tuesday was unopposed, his colleagues having decided that rivalry and infighting might be counter-productive at this low point in the party's political fortunes.

Nauru and Manus must not be repeated

In the echo chamber of flattery and self-congratulation that frequently passes for government in Australia, Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton have being hailed in certain quarters for their "statesman-like" asylum seeker resettlement plan.

Turbull pins hopes on a pragmatic, prosaic Trump

After a "warm and constructive" chat with America's president-elect on Thursday, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declared Donald Trump [was] a "businessman, a deal maker, and he will, I have no doubt, view the world in a very practical and pragmatic way".

A result that portends a new way of politics

It would be no exaggeration to claim that tens of millions of Americans (as well as hundreds of millions of people worldwide who count themselves as friends of the United States) have been left shocked, bewildered and upset by Donald Trump's win in the 2016 presidential race.

Freedom of speech inquiry will benefit RDA

Given the problematic nature of the QUT case and the unreasonable attempts to pursue Bill Leak, the thorough review outlined by Mr Brandis is timely and necessary.