The Canberra Times Editorials

Calvary hospitals take right action on antbiotics

Overuse of antibiotics by doctors and hospitals is fuelling the emergence of "super bugs" that can resist many once-effective remedies. Two local hospitals, which have performed poorly in the past, are working to improve outcomes.

Trillion dollar debt bomb a worst case scenario

The trillion dollar question is whether or not Scott Morrison's deficit warning is a timely intervention or just an attempt to garner support for cuts to welfare payments and government services.

Images can shock the world but seldom change it

Graphic images such as the picture of a young Syrian boy pulled from the rubble of a bombed building in Aleppo can shock the world. But, unfortunately, they do not have the power to stop the carnage.

Why did it take 50 years to honour Long Tan's heroes?

It would have been hard for the Defence establishment to beat the patriotic gong about the iconic Battle of Long Tan if the 50 year fight to appropriately honour the heroes who fought it had not been resolved.

A fair carve up of the GST is needed

Rather than squabbling over tax, it would be more constructive if leaders worked together on all states and territories challenges.

NAPLAN successes carry election warning

The problem with doing well in school, or at least a bit better than the kid sitting next to you in class, is the temptation to sit back and feel a little smug when test scores come back.

Bee setback warning on science funding

Unnecessary political decisions such as re-locating resources out of Canberra, and back tracking on climate research, are time-wasting, distracting and risk losing our brightest scientists to competitors overseas.

Olympics will rise above problems

With Olympics cynicism running at even higher levels than normal it is timely to remember that every games is ultimately about the determination of highly dedicated young men and women to the pursuit of an almost impossible dream.

Freedom of information laws a must-do reform

Anyone on the supplicant side of the ACT's freedom of information laws will know the frustration of extracting information from an intractable and legalistic bureaucracy.