The Canberra Times Editorials

SHOUT deserves ACT government support

The ACT bureaucracy, pushed outside its comfort zone by an administrative change it has only seen coming for more than five years, appears to have put the needs of thousands of ill and disabled Canberrans into the too hard basket rather than risk coming up with an innovative solution.

Housing and superannuation are not a prudent mix

The Turnbull Government would be well advised to heed Paul Keating's advice that allowing people to draw against their superannuation to boost their housing deposits is a terrible idea. But that's just not going to happen.

No silver bullet to addressing housing affordability

The ACT gets the raw end of the prawn a fair bit. Roundly sneered at for its round-a-bouts and public service, it seems the rest of the nation could well look to their smallest counterpart on one issue: stamp duty.

Gas 'crisis' needs real action, not a media stunt

When all else fails, a distraction will do the trick. Such it is that this week, after years of reports and solid indications that some long-term planning was needed around Australia's energy market, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declared it a "crisis".

National Capital Authority cracks the whip on Manuka Oval plan

Supporters of the "let's enhance Canberra, not destroy it" school of urban planning are expected to take heart from the National Capital Authority's decision to set its own benchmarks for the redevelopment of Manuka and other significant precincts across the city.

ACT cannot shy away from alcohol debate

There is a darker reality that underlies the jovial, uninhibited greetings at bars and clubs around Canberra and the nation. A reality manifest in reports and statistics detailing emergency department presentation, physical and sexual assault figures.

Turnbull's struggle for survival just got that much tougher

Both Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard would have been able to warn Malcolm Turnbull that when you are the prime minister you have to defend yourself against enemies from without and within your own ranks. Turnbull has more to fear from his own backbench than from Bill Shorten and Labor.

Energy policy should be bipartisan

Australia's energy sector has been mired in politics for too long. It's time for governments to set aside short-term point scoring and act in the national interest.

Did Trump's first month pave road to US ruin?

There is a very real danger that if Trump continues to fail thanks to arrogance, ignorance, unwillingness to take advice and his fast and loose relationship with facts, he may bring America down with him.