Letters to the Editor

Omnibus bill needs a few extras

Childish insults and a petulant demand that Labor accepts sight unseen a massive raft of cuts despite their record of unfair budgets. The adults are still in charge.

Bruce Hall must be saved

If the ANU demolishes Bruce Hall philanthropist Graham Tuckwell and his wife Louise will be remembered for funding the destruction of the most successful university college in Australia.

Making the census count

I can't understand the fuss. I am 71 and filled in the census form in five minutes on my phone.

Golden memories that count

The endless commentaries about Australia's gold medal count – with the usual note of disappointment or reproach for our apparent lack of success – are becoming tedious.

Senate outcome was fair

Malcolm Roberts got elected because he got enough preferences from voters and not from dodgy preference deals between micro parties.

Crash waiting to happen

When the Prime Minister starts warning that heads will roll in the ABS over the census debacle, I feel moved to support the ordinary public servants who have been working with reduced staff and resources since the last census five years ago, to attempt to put this ambitious idea into action.

No sign census is used

I wonder how often those in power have referred to census information before putting out a policy or making a decision?

Phillip Oval a better site

The community has soundly rejected Mr Barr's developer-driven scheme to turn Manuka Oval into an international-standard stadium.

Make advice meaningful

People with Disability Australia human rights adviser Ngila Bevan says restrictive practices represent "inhumane and degrading treatment and constitute violence".

Seniors getting raw deal

I am outraged too that the banks have immediately reduced the interest rates it pays on senior accounts.

The ACT election is lacking value

Annabel Crabb writes that the Australian Electoral Commission paid out $2.63 per vote this year for the federal election.

Spending solution poses risks

As expected, the RBA cut the official interest rate in yet another vain attempt to kick-start the economy.

Economists' seductive lies

The path to hell is not just paved with good intentions but also with seductive lies.

Universal mind

The article on cosmologist Brian Cox is in line with Brian Schmidt's finding that the rate of expansion of the universe is increasing.

Return the stealthy $30 tax

What a nasty, but not unexpected, surprise given the track record of our now thoroughly discredited Lilliputian government ("Last drinks safe in the city", July28, p1).

Telltale law undemocratic

I was pleased to see the ACT Human Rights Commissioner Dr Helen Watchirs sound a warning about a proposed law requiring ACT public servants to dob in their colleagues if they criticise the government (‘‘Watchdog says ACT gagging plan goes too far’’, July 25, p7).