Letters to the Editor

Don't blame protesters

Why is it that every time some hoon or nutcase does something stupid and anti-social near a Canberra reserve some idiot blames the kangaroo protesters themselves?

A flawed blueprint

Thank you for publishing the insightful article on the PaTH program by John Falzon ("Our youth need a proper jobs plan, not a rip-off", Times2, May18, p5). We must scrutinise such apparently ill-advised measures.

New road to riches

Michelle Fegan and David Dickson (Letters, May 17) are quite right to draw attention to the huge costs of doing business in Canberra when it comes to construction.

Politics in re-zoning

The decision by federal Territories Minister Paul Fletcher to rezone the CSIRO Ginninderra Field Station appears to be politically motivated.

Dark side of power

Simon Corbell's estimate of ACT electricity price rises reveals more than first meets the eye ("Farewell to dirty energy by 2020", April 29, p1).

Nasty smell pervades

The stench in this city, which has nothing to do with the environment as normally understood, has been traced to London Circuit in the building occupied by Chief Minister Andrew Barr and his team.