Letters to the Editor

Too soft on criminals

Lorana Bartels suggests that instead of incarcerating offenders, we use this money to "support" offenders through counselling and a variety of diversionary programs.

Manuka Green plan

Even if the unsolicited Manuka Green proposal got the current government's in-principle go ahead today, planning processes, appeals etc would delay construction commencement to around three years from now.

Let Eastman case rest

It is time for Simon Corbell to intervene in the farce that is the David Eastman/Colin Winchester affair ("Eastman bill $12m and rising", April 15, p1).

PS culture outdated

So Treasury secretary John Fraser thinks it's difficult to entice well-qualified women to move to Canberra for senior positions.

MLAs leave the field

It was with real anger that I read your article, reporting, limply unfortunately: "Angry locals extract a promise to listen" (April 7, p1).

Dense and denser

I've just received a colour pamphlet from the ACT government trying to sell me the changes to zoning in the Red Hill Housing precinct.