Letters to the Editor

Fuel for thought

With better goodwill, surely planning, development and consultation can be done better all round

Wake up before the election

I fear the people of this city will re-elect another Labor government on October 15.

Tiny hospitals won't help

The Opposition's plan to build two 20-bed public hospitals in Gungahlin and Tuggeranong is a cynical exercise to extract votes from the most gullible in those areas.

Put wellbeing first, not profit

All planning should be for future generations and our long-term wellbeing, not based primarily on profit.

Lower the boom on Barr

It is important that voters are aware of the Barr government's record over the past four years

True light rail cost kept quiet

The electorate should be widely informed of the financial implications of building a light rail network.

Sorry end to Bruce Hall saga

Despite lauding the Bruce Hall experience, ANU has made no attempt to preserve its social heritage.

​Cuts may hurt Coalition

he Prime Minister's dole cuts could be terminal for his Coalition at the next federal election.

Wall of concrete creeps on

We have been through the Dickson Towers saga. Now Bruce Hall is definitely for the bulldozer

Right water signals wrong

Joe Dimasi's reported views ignore that the water which flows over dams is not wasted, but becomes available downstream for other users.

Saturation point reached

I write in relation to the article "ACT at risk of developing leaky building syndrome".

Sydney bias shames NRL

I'm not a betting man nor a conspiracy theorist, but I'd have laid odds that the NRL would cite the Raiders' Jack Wighton for his apparent shoulder charge.

Journalist's over-analysis

Annabel Crabb discussed the problematic Australian Parliament elected on July 2, 2016 (ie in terms of its composition).

Containers spoiling environs

We too share the same experience in Forrest of ugly shipping containers plonked on properties for an unknown period.

Curse of the containers

Imagine trying to sell your house for its true worth, with a couple of full-sized shipping container plonked in front of your neighbours' houses for months, even years, on end.