Letters to the Editor

Ideal not reality

Helen Goddard's letter seemed more ideological than realistic.

Lake has never been ugly swampland

As an original Canberran since 1937, I have to say I have never seen an ugly swamp where Lake Burley Griffin now lies.

London blaze prompts questions

Following the tragic fire in London, questions have been raised about the ability of firefighters to treat fires in Canberra.

Safety comes first

Workers have a right to and should be entitled to employers who consider safety first always.

Sold out by car insurer

Our car was backed into by another vehicle in a car park but remained roadworthy.

Budget boosts disparity

​Well may the chief minister smile, each of his six budgets have hit some ratepayers much harder than others.

Iraq invasion

Dennis Richardson tells us John Howard was very good at receiving advice he didn't like.