Letters to the Editor

'Progressive' Labor a myth

One matter the Canberra Liberals might care to ponder in their soul-searching is the party's failure to challenge Labor's assertion that it was "progressive".

Rate fixing needs fairness

ACTPLA's Neighbourhood Plan for Forrest promised to respect "its rich garden suburb legacy and its inner south location". Sadly that has not happened.

Animals are someone

There is something wrong with our prevailing attitude to animals.

Even playing field not in sight

It appears Chief Minister Andrew Barr's "signature policy for urban renewal" – not applying tax cuts for developers who pick up windfall gains – does not apply to the developers of the Brumbies site.

Injured roo concerns few

I am saddened and sickened by the number of people who think it's OK to drive over a live and injured animal.

Bridge vistas fail to wow

I visited Butters Bridge across the Molonglo River last weekend to see the much publicised views.

Western arrogance

I was very disappointed to read the strange "news" article about the booming Watoto Ugandan church.

Driving the interests of some

The government is keen to bring more rallying action to the ACT and is exploring whether it could bid for top championship races.

Floriade verges on flaccid

Two years ago we visited and found Floriade to be fabulous, floral and festive. This year, well, flaccid comes to mind.

Come clean on pokie cash

That the ACT Labor Party has financial links to poker machines will obviously come as a surprise to some Labor Party Legislative Assembly candidates.

Make some noise for Raiders

The silence has been deafening over the "dudding" of the Canberra Raiders in the NRL preliminary final.

Get back to council basics

An unofficial thank-you to those people who put the election signs I see on the roadside.

Let's clean up our ACT

How about a littering blitz in Canberra with the proceeds used to fund hospital equipment, or to help fund quit smoking campaigns?

ED wait times not so good

Patients are presenting to a new $16 million Emergency Department extension at the Canberra hospital with acute conditions only to be moved from the acute unit to the sub-acute unit without being treated – giving the impression that ACT Health's four-hour waiting period stats look good.