Letters to the Editor

Return the stealthy $30 tax

What a nasty, but not unexpected, surprise given the track record of our now thoroughly discredited Lilliputian government ("Last drinks safe in the city", July28, p1).

Telltale law undemocratic

I was pleased to see the ACT Human Rights Commissioner Dr Helen Watchirs sound a warning about a proposed law requiring ACT public servants to dob in their colleagues if they criticise the government (‘‘Watchdog says ACT gagging plan goes too far’’, July 25, p7).

Better, not bigger, ACT

Successive ACT governments have built an economic pyramid scheme reliant on ever more housing construction.

Risks in PS toeing the line

The conclusion that the sale of a 30,000-square-metre site on Northbourne Avenue would be "boon for light rail funding" is simply wrong.

Hold parties to account

The presence of a businessman-come prime minister has raised recent discussion in the media on the parallels between running a business and running a government.

MH17 a ruse

The mainstream Western media have been determined to pin the blame for the deaths on President Putin.

NDIS ethos proves futile

Isn't the NDIS about "choice" and "control" for people with disabilities?

Hands off Majura's roos

The real issue is that drivers ignore signage and refuse to drive to suit the conditions.

Barr confirms desperation

A deeply cynical but tactically well spent 30 pieces of silver by Andrew Barr.

Selective definition of WMD

Penelope Upward (Letters, July 12) suggests that Saddam's gassing of 4000 Kurds represents the use of a weapon of mass destruction that justifies the West's intervention in Iraq.

Butt out, America

Why is it so difficult for our government to tell the US to butt out of the South China Sea dispute?

Doleful anniversary

This week marks the commencement of a new three-year term of the federal Parliament.

ABC succeeds in role

Under the ABC's charter, a primary role is to contribute to a sense of national identity and inform and entertain.

Rebate reduces stress

You fail to acknowledge the real impact the private health insurance rebate has across Australia's health system.

Game to call in debt

I seem to recall that consideration must be exchanged if a valid contract can be said to exist between Crispin Hull and Nick Xenophon in regard to the payment of a bottle of Grange.

Don't promote Zed to the front bench

Can anyone in the community identify a single contribution Zed made to the well-being of the ACT in the course of his first term in office?

Scandal of racing ban

I commend Andrew Barr for acting swiftly to withdraw funds from the greyhound racing industry.

Stop aid for the rich

Dr John Falzon made a clear case for the end of a wide range of government concessions and discounts that only advantage the wealthy.

Proposal an overreach

The right of association is one of the most basic concepts of freedom and the rule of law.

Future of Civic pool

I. Davies and A. Forsythe (Letters, July 2) ask what was the consultation on building a stadium on the Civic Pool site.

ACT suffers land grab

Bruce Taggart (Letters June, 30) is "spot on" in questioning how the ACT will pay for the extravagant spending of today when all the land is sold, estimated to be in 2031.

Costs for landlords

Wal Pywell (Letters, June 26) looks enviously at all the deductions available to the investor.

The dilemma for Canberra voters

  The federal  election does little for me except  bring on a huge wave  of despair at being an ACT resident.

Reminder for ACT senator

A timely reminder to the good senator Zed Seselja - you are a representative of the people of the ACT.