Letters to the Editor

Going back to the future

Re: "All aboard as airport bus arrives". This is a catch-up to the 1950s.

Letters to the Editor: Lifting done

What a great and practical idea it is to use the old AFP's complex in Weston as a permanent space for a growing gymnastics club, thus saving $2.1million for demolition.

Precinct disappoints daily

What a shame it is that I have to form strategies daily to avoid this area, an area that should be a highlight of Canberra.

Better turbulence policy needed

It was very distressing for Qantas crew and passengers to hear a crew member injure her leg when we hit an air pocket on approach to Canberra this week.

Act on parking, garbage

It is high time that the laws banning parking on public spaces like nature and median strips were enforced.

Arms race threat

David Wroe's article ("The RAAF revolution: Drones") is interesting for what it doesn't say.

Avenue needs work first

There should be no development of Manuka Circle until the landscaping along Canberra Avenue is remediated.

Not all of us so rude, sir

I can understand why restaurateurs are fed up with potential customers who decide not to turn up.

Canberra Times Letters to the Editor: Real imbalance of power

Simon Cowan from the Centre for Independent Studies suggests that ordinary citizens who upset ministers with embarrassing questions when appearing on the news or TV should not realistically expect privacy ("Hyper-partisan politics overly personal", Forum, March 4, p.11).

PBS reforms are essential because expensive drugs cost lives

The Grattan Institute says relatively straightforward administrative reforms to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme could save the Federal Government millions of dollars and cut costs to consumers. Given about eight per cent of Australians have gone without prescription medicines in the last 12 months because they couldn't afford them we hope Canberra is listening. Expensive drugs cost lives and add to the national healthcare bill in other ways.

The enigmatic audit office

Regrettably, no actual evidence accompanied the story, such as whether there was an increased incidence of health problems for regular shop patrons.

The enigmatic audit office

Because of the level of secrecy, the Australian people don't know what's being done by the Immigration Department in their name and by what means.

Future funds under table?

Perhaps the government is content to keep most of its infrastructure spending in the one (light rail) basket.

Letters to the editor: Future funds under table?

Although the rapid business case for a new national convention centre forecast a positive cost benefit analysis, the ACT government is unwilling to proceed without substantial federal government funding.