Letters to the Editor

Canberra traffic lights mystery

Well done Penleigh Boyd for pointing out the proliferation of traffic lights in Canberra over the last couple of decades.

A time and place for robots

I wonder how many understand the significance of Bryden Spurling's article "What if the jobs dry up?"

Gold mine in wrong hands

So it has come to this. Mr. Fluffy homeowners have to watch real estate agents picking over the entrails of their once family homes.

Hurdling the marriage bar

Thank you Annabel Crabb for reminding us how troglodyte the world was for us women 50 years ago.

Rebuild lives with inquiry

The asbestos insulation allowed to contaminate ACT homes continues to evolve into a hellish nightmare for the occupants ("Fluffy land price stymies owners", November 25, p6).

Algae outbreaks too frequent

Lake Ginninderra has been closed now for three weeks due to blue green algae — and it's not even summer yet!

CT Letters November 23, 2016

Good luck to that young mum (CT, November 22) who bought a little family home in Kambah, which she loves. But otherwise please keep up The Canberra Times' perennial good work by sometimes publishing snide and faintly sneering stories about what an unpopular, unfashionable place Tuggeranong is. It is obviously helping local youth, who have now graduated from nappies to P plates, and others like that lovely young family, into affordable housing with beautiful views, a relaxed and healthy outdoor lifestyle, and generous, mostly pre-self-government, services and facilities. From beyond the expensive Woden ridge line, the quarter-acre peasants of Tuggeranong salute you.Some of us can even read and write.

Put care into perspective

We must all share the outrage of child protection workers on Four Corners last Monday who called out the scandal of removing children from drug dependent parents only to see them consigned to far more dysfunctional residential housing from which commercial interests profit.

What fringe benefits?

More traffic, less available parking at the shops, more ugly units in Watson?

Sale of lake bed 'abhorrent'

We have been subjected to propaganda images of people enjoying waterfront features while there are no images showing the impact of six-storey buildings

Bias against elderly grows

What a disgusting headline in the CT this morning (CT, Nov 15 p1 "Hospital beds go to elderly").

Don't do what Denver did

As an Australian living in Denver, Colorado, I have watched its recently completed rail transport struggle to compete with cars.

Moscow by the Molonglo

I disagree with Noel Whittaker ("Why housing can't be made affordable", November 6, p45).

Gungahlin miracle awaits

I note in The Canberra Times that Empire Global is proposing to construct a 26-story residential complex on the corner of Gozzard Street and Gundaroo Drive in Gungahlin ("Sky-high dining planned for Gungahlin", November 10, p9).

Right jobs key to survival

The suggestion in your editorial that the Public Service lacks the right staff to manage complex technological services applies in the superlative form here in the ACT.

Mr Fluffy's terrible legacy

Your article "Fluffy's reach may widen" (November 8, p1) deals with ACT Health's investigation into residents exposed to potential mesothelioma – a difficult yet worthwhile exercise.

Action on illiteracy vital

With many primary students preparing to enter secondary school, some of them can't read.

'Bonkers' venue will drive traffic

I was disappointed with the article "Developer hurt by witch hunt posters" (November 3, p7) about Nik Bulum's "disgust" that posters critical of his planned redevelopment of the Canberra City Bowling Club had been put up around the Ainslie site.

ACT cbinet make-up

Labor and the Greens have a deal. A deal what would seem to offer certain advantages.