Letters to the Editor

Reminder for ACT senator

A timely reminder to the good senator Zed Seselja - you are a representative of the people of the ACT.

$220m scare tactic

It's clear the Barr government rushed to sign light rail contracts before the election to blackmail voters.

Caught in the zone

It is good to see that Zed Seselja is opposed to the zone around the health building ("Seselja hits out at abortion clinic protest laws as an attack on freedom", June 23, p1)

Negate this unfairness

If there is anyone who makes my blood boil, it must be those who get others to pay for their own wealth creation.

Too little from Seselja

I see Zed Seselja has materialised to bleatingly and belatedly state that he opposes the move of 170 public servants to Armidale.

Tram project a dog

Andrew Barr's recent statement that it would cost up to $400 million to cancel the tram contract highlights the irresponsibility of the government .

Rail plan may hit $15 billion

Everyone appears to be "talking" about the ACT Auditor's non-discounted costing for Gungahlin light rail project of $1.78 billion as if this 12km plus track is going to be the panacea of Canberra's perceived traffic congestion.

Hall of memories

I, too, am rejoicing that the ACT government has delivered protection for our unofficial town hall.

Health cuts affect all

I am concerned that any more health cuts will affect the Canberra community and those who depend on our hospitals.

Pay for health care

Apparently, any attack upon the idea of free health care would be the end of Medicare.

Cyclists still face risk

A famous mayor of Bogota in Colombia once said that everyone has a right to safe mobility, and not just for the people travelling in cars.

If the cap fits ...

I can't help wondering if readers bothered to contact Zed's office to complain rather than venting to the newspaper.

Contract locked in

A contract is a binding legal agreement. It's the basis of commerce, of civil society.

Slogans ring hollow

Having failed to persuade a large proportion of voters that the Capital Metro scheme makes any sense, the ACT government is resorting to slogans and buzzwords.

Rail a heavy burden

Chief executive of Infrastructure Partnerships Australia Brendan Lyon (Letters, June 3) asserts I misunderstand the financial implications of dishonouring the light rail contract, or have been "misled by the Canberra Liberals". Wrong.

Bound to proceed

R.J. Nairn misunderstands the significant damage for Canberra taxpayers if the Liberals dishonour the light rail contract.