<i>Illustration: Reg Lynch</i>

Illustration: Reg Lynch

What am I missing?

After the 2010 election, the Libs and the hard-right commentariat went feral over Julia Gillard breaking her pre-election commitment that ''there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead''. No matter that the game had changed, as the only way she could form a government was to share power with the Greens - for her critics a commitment was a commitment, and the breaking of it was worth three years of constant vilification, of being called ''Ju-liar'' and all the rest.

And yet this week, when Education Minister Christopher Pyne trashes his and Tony Abbott's pre-election commitment to back the Gonski education reforms, not a peep out of exactly the same crew! What am I missing?


A bit of carry-on

Time for the Balmain Fun Run, and this year they have a new event, ''Porte-a-Partner,'' starting at 10am at King George Park in Rozelle. It's essentially a wife-carrying race over 100 metres, such as you often see in Finland, although as this is the inner west you won't be surprised to hear you don't have to be married and any combination of genders works. And you can still register this morning.


Joke of the week

Four drovers sit around a campfire discussing what they'd want if they were lost in the outback and were allowed only one thing. The first says: ''I couldn't do without my trusty old horse. She could probably lead me to a homestead from the back o' Bourke.''

The second says: ''You can have your horse but I'd want my swag. If you're gonna be lost, you may as well sleep warm at night.''

The third says: ''I'd want my old heeler 'Blue'. He's my best mate, and if I was gonna die out there, I'd want him beside me.'' The last old bushie says: ''Only one thing I'd need - a pack of cards. See, I'd start playing patience and before long some bastard would be looking over my shoulder saying, 'Red jack on black queen.'''


Another brush with fame

Sigh. If it's not Angelina Jolie bugging me at Sydney airport (TFF, a month ago), it's Charlize Theron getting in my way at restaurants.

For as I left Catalina's, I couldn't help but notice 10 paparazzi training their cameras on the exit to capture an image of the famed Academy Award winner, who had been dining a couple of tables over.

Suddenly she emerged from a side door, and while a minder held up an umbrella to shield her, got into a waiting four-wheel-drive as the cameras clicked furiously.

She looked deeply unhappy at the intrusion. Is it all worth it, Ms Theron?


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