Books an eternal power source

Bill Collopy In reading as in guitars, we have our acoustic and electric moods.

Recycling Russia's charges against Ukraine

Geoff Gordon (Letters, July 23) repeats lines against Ukraine used by the Russian security service and its disinformation organs.

Punishment, not reward, awaits the honest politician

Daniel Flitton

Daniel Flitton Politicians rank between door-to-door spruikers and insurance salespeople as a profession inspiring trust.

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Floating in wonder with Skywhale

News: Sky Whale rises early Sunday morning at Questacon, Canberra. Inside the whale. 19th of May 2013. Canberra Times Photograph by Katherine Griffiths

Natasha Rudra Skywhale rises but does the fantastical artwork lift its audience's spirits as well?

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Letters to the Editor

PM fires without facts


Letters to the Editor The timeline summary of ''Other civilian planes shot down'' has one particularly glaring omission.

In the Herald: July 24, 1897

Brian Yatman The balance of power

Press Council adjudication

Australian Press Council

The following adjudication has been issued by the Australian Press Council.


Well done, Bishop, Quinlan and Gillard

Letters dinkus

We should be proud of Julie Bishop and our United Nations Ambassador, Gary Quinlan; their actions in the UN Security Council and behind the scenes have achieved outcomes of immense importance.

Scots step up for Commonwealth Games

SMH editorial dinkus

Glasgow has much to prove to Edinburgh, the English and those who say the Commonwealth Games is an outdated anachronism.

Sex between the spreadsheets: quick tips to reinvigorate the daily grind

Judith Woods Love is a battlefield - but rekindling the romance can be a lot simpler than some would have you believe.

Column 8

"How long is eternity?" asks Marion Jordan, of Crookwell. "'Live Forever!' – that was the offer in a time-wasting game I was playing on my tablet recently."

Grappling with the truth behind the great Labor lie


Mark Latham It’s the great Labor lie. A dazzling piece of sophistry designed to deflect from the true purpose of party reform.

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Painful truth about managing back pain

Back pain has never been a health or research priority, despite the fact that 25 per cent of Australians suffer from it.

Chris Maher, Ian Harris, Rachelle Buchbinder This month the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine published a paper reporting that epidural glucocorticoid (or ''steroid'') injections are no more effective than a sham, or placebo treatment...

Creativity needed for a wealth-creation economy


Roger La Salle The demise of wealth creators in favour of service providers is a death knell for Australia.

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Jacqui Lambie's straight shooting a rarity in this political era

Jacqui Lambie.

Diana Elliott The PUP senator's deadpan humour was lost in the stampede to condemn her.

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MH17: Vladimir Putin will lose Ukraine through stupidity

Fairfax Media writer

Paul Sheehan The mind-boggling stupidity of the armed masked men at the MH17 crash site, and their blatantly lying superiors, has changed the equation in Ukraine and Europe.

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Down the rabbit hole with the urban growers

An artist's impression of how the revamped Fish Markets might look.

Elizabeth Farrelly Call me naive, March Hare, but I dream of a world where words mean what they say. Where governments are not closet corporations devoted to diddling their funders (us) by pretending that ‘'public...

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Girls take the lead on the long march to freedom

Nigerian women living in Kenya press for the release of the schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram.

Gordon Brown A worldwide vigil linking groups fighting for girls' rights could lead to the great civil rights movement of this generation.

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Derek Rielly: the slow, painful death of our newsagents

Derek Rielly thumbnail

Derek Rielly Last Saturday, the paper didn't bounce into my front yard. It's my signal to wake up, drain a coffee and bury my face into acres of broadsheet and fail the Good Weekend quiz for the 700th consecutive...

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The best man for a difficult job

The Canberra Times Joko Widodo, the former Governor of Jakarta, has been formally announced as the victor of the Indonesia presidential campaign, having defeated his rival Prabowo Subianto by about eight million votes...