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In the Herald: January 1, 2000

Millennium dawns

"Wild as a southerly buster and raising the greatest din ever heard in this most ancient of lands, more than 1 million Sydney-siders welcomed the dawn of the 21st century with a celebration that said a lot about this city's larrikin soul. With fireworks as loud as thunder, with a deafened roar from their throats, they threw a party which can hardly be equalled by any other city as the sun raced around the world."

$12 billion bug

"Predictions three years ago of a potential January 1, 2000, doomsday caused by Y2K-stricken computer systems appear to have been seriously overstated, with few signs in Australia of millennium bug problems. Midnight came and went in New Zealand and then the major cities on the east coast of Australia without any reports of computer malfunctions related to the bug that cost Australia $12 billion to avoid."

Tiananmen gaffe

"Beijing: In what appears to be a diplomatic gaffe of epic proportions, China said on Thursday it would present pieces of paving stone from Tiananmen Square, site of the 1989 massacre, to 170 world leaders, including Queen Elizabeth and President Bill Clinton. Slabs from the square where hundreds of students died are to be presented to the heads of state of all countries with which China has diplomatic relations."