Washed ashore

''A trunk containing articles … of a lady's wardrobe was picked up by Mr W. Shaw, on the sea beach, near Cape Byron,'' it was reported. ''Police from Ballina attended the scene. Among a miscellaneous quantity of clothing was found a certificate of the marriage of Lachlan Charles Herbert to Harriet Gertrude Carter … solemnised at St John's Church, Paddington, on June 6th, 1867.''

A marine curiosity

''We were shown … by Mr Oliffe, of the Criterion Hotel, Newcastle, what may well be designated a marine curiosity, apparently a specimen of plant … It somewhat resembles the horn of a young cow. The small end is covered with a kind of long rough down, and in the hollow are portions of yellowish insects, supposed to belong to the coral tribe. It was found in the sea, near the Philippine Islands.''

Floral treasures

''Readers who take an interest in … floriculture will be glad to have their attention called to the magnificent collections of gloxinias, caladiums, etc, which may now be seen in the Botanic Gardens. A bare enumeration of all the floral treasures packed away in the miserable little hovels which, by courtesy, are called conservatories, would make too large a demand on our space.''