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Letters to the Editor

The forgotten capital


Letters to the Editor The last federal politician to take a genuine interest in Canberra was probably Robert Menzies.

Roo science fiction

Letters to the Editor The ACT kangaroo kill was never intended to become a default activity.

Get the ruler out again

Letters to the Editor A new convention centre, which had been locked into the ACT budget at $500 million, is now described by the Treasurer as ''too costly, unnecessary'', and unrealistic as a ''piece of infrastructure equivalent to a community five times larger'' (''Treasurer pulls back on 'too costly, unnecessary' convention centre'', September 27, p2). Astonishingly, we learn that the new convention centre proposal, under development by the ACT government for at least four years, is yet to be tested by a business case. Instead, Mr Barr now discovers Canberra already has a convention centre suitable for its size.

Energy lessons needed

Tony Haymet's article ''How a hurricane shamed our energy policy'' ( Times2, September 25, p5) points the way to a sustainable future. I enjoyed the analogy between ''Direct Action'' - weasel words if ever there were - and the abolition of garbage disposal fees for restaurants.

Here's a tip for waiting staff

What are waiting staff getting tips for anyway? They earn far too much an hour.

Letters to the Editor

Climate policies inhumane

Environment Minister Greg Hunt's failure to show at any of the climate rallies on Sunday is a terrible indictment on him personally.

Slipper case bemuses

This appears to be an open and shut case of political payback.

Case repeats failures

Letters to the Editor I hope the coroner will see that these cases reflect serious on-going systemic failings.

Prison staff know best

Letters to the Editor The article by Alistair Waters (''Needle exchange at AMC a fatally flawed proposal'', Times2, September 17, p5) was representative of the Corrective Service personnel who work at the coal face and was a clear and accurate reflection of reality within the ACT prison. The thrust of his article was based on fact and not the wishes and desires of those ''experts'' who have never entered a prison or base their knowledge on a guided tour of the prison.

No mandate for tram

Letters to the Editor This ACT government continues to display its disdain of the electors of our Territory.

Domestic policy risks militarisation of young Muslims

The raids in Sydney and Brisbane raise many issues in addition to the alleged threat of terrorism on our soil.

Light rail cuts rights

Canberra's light-rail line from Civic to Gungahlin is little more than a make-work project whose costs exceed its true market value (''Light rail gets nod at a cost of $800 million'', September 16, p1). However, the political value of the light-rail project is considerable.

A healthy outcome

Letters to the Editor The announcement that the new convention centre, new city sports stadium and City to Lake projects will be delayed is good news.

Land tax inequitable

Letters to the Editor The ACT government's land tax is a form of double taxation on land that landlords are only able to lease for at most 99 years.

Fluffy economic logic

I have every sympathy for the Mr Fluffy home owners, and am fine with the taxpayer funding the clean up bill. However, to shelve major infrastructure spending that the Canberra economy desperately needs at this time, is very short sighted ("Mr Fluffy to put brakes on key projects", September 13, p1).

Letters to the Editor

Cash blowback query

Environment Minister Simon Corbell talks about decarbonising the ACT's electricity supply.

Letters to the Editor

Sell vice-regal properties

There was something wrong with what I was seeing, surely. $12 million needed for repairs to two vice-regal properties!

Letters to the editor

Climate change, not terrorism, the real threat to us

There have been huge amounts of media and political hype over ''terrorism'' threats.

Wind farm worries

Letters to the Editor The industry spin that turbine noise is akin to a fridge just won't wash any more.

Corbell is dreaming

Darryl Kerrigan from The Castle would have the only sensible reposte to Simon Corbell after his latest musings on the Capital Metro tram (''Northbourne Avenue could become city's best address'',, September 5) - tell him he's dreaming!

Letters to the editor

Lazy cost cutting by business leaves everyone worse off

It seems that the federal government is still determined to reduce penalty rates of pay for Sundays and holidays.

University fees reality

Comments made by some of those attending Saturday's university open days (''Fee rises hover over uni open days'', August 31, p4) make me wonder if they have the intellectual capacity to take advantage of a university education.

Letters to the Editor

Foreign adventures await Tony Abbott's vote winners

What is Tony Abbott up to with his seemingly ill-considered and random foreign adventures?

Where's the pride?

Letters to the Editor Hooray! ''Team Australia'' is asking the police if they can prosecute lawyer Bernard Collaery and a former ASIS agent for revealing classified material)!