American author James Alan McPherson in 1984.

In Passing

James Alan McPherson, Kate Granger, Commander Peter Wippell, Denis Dubourdieu

Fearless judge had the 'wisdom of Solomon' and despite many accolades was truly humble

Alan H Goldberg, QC, was a brilliant barrister and high-profile judge.

It is not possible in a few words to do justice to Alan Goldberg's outstanding life. There is the private life of a loved and loving husband, father, grandfather and friend. And there is Goldberg's public life, which reached its highest point in the law – but also travelled down the paths of the arts, music, civil liberties, and the affairs of the Jewish community.

In Passing

Photographer Bill Jones and Mariah Carey attend the 12th Annual BMI Urban Awards in 2012 in Beverly Hills, California.

Hollywood photographer Bill Jones, one of the first black photographers working the celebrity beat, has died in his home in Los Angeles at age 81; neuroscientist Suzanne Corkin, who published more than 100 research papers on Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, has died aged 79; Squadron Leader Percy Beake​, who flew Spitfires in the latter stages of the Battle of Britain has died aged 99; the last fugitive wanted over war crimes in the former Yugoslavia, Goran Hadzic​, has died aged 57; French Resistance fighter who assassinated Philippe Henriot as part of the Paris Resistance has died aged 94.

Deer Hunter director found fame, then flopped

Michael Cimino attends the Tribute To Faye Dunaway at the Opening Ceremony of the 6th Lyon Festival on October 13, 2014 ...

Michael Cimino, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker who became one of Hollywood's boldest directors with the haunting 1978 Vietnam War drama The Deer Hunter, and then all but squandered it two years later with Heaven's Gate, has died aged 77.