O'Connor's informal David Bowie tribute deserves to stay

It is an unfortunate fact of life that in some parts of the country Canberrans are routinely categorised as a bunch of cardigan-wearing, nanny-state loving, fuddy-duddies who would do well to leave well enough alone.

That stereotype has been given a slight ding by the recent appearance of an artful addition to a "David Street" sign in O'Connor.

A creative and outgoing person, the type of Canberran we all know we really want to be, has spent some time and effort changing it to "David Bowie Street".

The fruit of their labours was spotted by an eagle-eyed reader who has passed it on to me with the stern admonition "Tell the government fun police to keep their hands off".

I totally agree. The powers that be, who will doubtless go into some form of pyroclastic shock once this comes to their attention, just need to take a chill pill and listen to their public. Vox populi, vox Dei, say I [the voice of the people is the voice of God].

The late Mr Bowie is unlikely to receive any form of official recognition in this town so lets hear it for the unofficial tribute.

On related matters, my recent musings on the bizarre construct proposed for the summit of Mount Ainslie have been welcomed by some.

"I would like to suggest it [the existing stone lookout] be nominated for a heritage listing and save us all from being foisted with the proposed expensive monstrosity," one reader wrote.