Circus of shame

All the assurances by circus owners that their animals are treated well and looked after does not alleviate the fact these creatures should not be imprisoned the way they are (‘‘Circus monkey’s escape prompts big top debate’’, July 27). The fact that at lot of these animals are circus-bred is ever more sickening. Animals held in circuses for the purpose of human entertainment is barbaric and unjustifiable in this day and age.

Stewart Smith North Kellyville

Abbott's war

Please let there be at least one sensible person in the Liberal party who is able to restrain Tony Abbott’s wish to be a war-time leader ("PM’s mission to Ukraine branded ‘nuts’ by analyst’’, July 27). They should not forget that the failure to restrain John Howard’s similar ambitions meant that we contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and the ongoing chaos and destruction that characterises Iraq today.

I sincerely hope that the thought that an election might be won by invading somewhere does not mean that in 10 years we will all be hanging our heads over our contribution to the destruction of Ukraine.

William Kennedy Blaxland

Even in his new found humanitarian mode Tony Abbott seemingly finds it hard to curb his belligerent instincts. Sending 190 armed AFP personnel into an unstable war zone could compound what is already a disastrous situation. Recovering the bodies from the crash site is a laudable exercise but not if it is turned into a commando-style exercise. This latest plan follows the militarisation of his refugee policy. Is there perhaps a field marshall’s baton in the prime minister’s knapsack itching to get out?


Garth Clarke North Sydney

Cook the books

So our politicians continue to lecture us about the need for restraint while their noses are buried in their books, or should that be snouts in the trough (‘‘Taxpayers foot bill for pollies’ trips and books’’, July 27). You might think that such well read people might be able to understand that their excuse that  ‘‘the books in question are entirely within the publications entitlements’’ is the cause of the problem and doesn’t justify their abuse of the system.

John Maley Greenwich

Politicians are spending thousands of dollars on children’s books? I thought the commitment was to make question time less infantile.

David Jordan Dee Why

We love Aunty

With the ABC facing more funding cuts, I wonder how long before it is called the AB or even worse, the A (‘‘Secret study identifies more cuts at the ABC’’, July 27).

Peter Miniutti Ashbury

Well, here we go again. A new federal government but the same old attack on our national broadcaster, whether or not the male pollies sport a blue or red tie. In 1976 the Fraser government met with spirited opposition defending the ABC with the ‘‘Eight Cents a Day’’ campaign and the battle has been going on ever since. But pollies and their governments come and go and Aunty keeps on keeping on. 

God bless her and all who sail in her. She is one of the cornerstones of our democracy and I could not imagine life without her.

Lorraine Nelson Frenchs Forest

School bullies

So ‘‘state and territory governments should direct all schools to take responsibility for organising the provision of outside school hours care service for their students’’ and ‘‘principals should organise before and after school care, including care for preschoolers, or adjust school hours’’ to suit (‘‘Child welfare trumps economics, warn experts’’, July 27).

Pardon me, as a retired teacher, if I splutter over my breakfast cereal and give thanks that I am no longer involved in the process of educating children. The sheer insensitivity to any notion of children’s welfare, the total disregard for the ability of education systems to cope with such an impost and the offensively dictatorial way it is expressed beggars belief. 

What sort of world does the Productivity Commission inhabit - one in which the only imperatives are profit-based economics, perhaps?

Arthur Cooper Alstonville