Acer C720P Chromebook packs power in lightweight unit

Google's latest stripped-down laptop is the ideal travel PC.

Katie Cincotta Google's latest stripped-down laptop, the thin, lightweight Acer C720P, is the ideal travel PC.

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Hands on: Acer C710 Chromebook

Acer C710 Chromebook

Adam Turner Brimming with potential and priced to sell, Acer's stripped-down Chromebook is the perfect travel companion.

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Review: Acer Ferrari One


Simon Tsang Launched to coincide with the Melbourne formula one grand prix, Acer's latest Ferrari-branded notebook is a stunner.

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Overheating reports suspend HP, Google Chromebook 11 sales

Chromebook 11.

Aaron Ricadela and Brian Womack Google and HP halt sales of the Chromebook 11 laptop after some users reported overheating power supplies.

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Limelight for Apple's MacBook Pro


Macman As iPads continue their invasion, desktop PC sales are assuming the trajectory of a brick.


LG unveils Chromebase, an all-in-one Google Chrome OS desktop PC

LG Chromebase

Salvador Rodriguez The new LG Chromebase is the first Chrome OS desktop PC with a built-in monitor.


Google Chromebooks do the simple things well


Paddy Wood Google's Chromebooks are no-frills laptops. They're light, simple, fast and cheap.


Microsoft tweaks Windows 8, blamed for PC slump

Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer of Microsoft., holds up a Lenovo computer tablet while delivering the keynote during the Microsoft Build Developers Conference in San Francisco, California.

Ryan Nakashima and Peter Svensson Microsoft is trying to reverse slumping PC sales and quiet growing criticism of its flagship operating system with the release of a revised version of Windows 8.

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Review: Windows 8.1 widens gap with older PCs

Microsoft Surface Windows 8

Ryan Nakashima After some hands-on time with Windows 8.1, the update seems to me like a patch over an ever-widening chasm.

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Microsoft Surface gets $180 price cut


Microsoft has slashed the price of its Surface RT tablet by $180 as it fights to increase its tiny share of the booming tablet market.


Hands On: Sony Vaio Pro 13 Ultrabook

Sony Vaio Pro 13 Ultrabook

Adam Turner Ultra-thin notebooks generally sacrifice too much in the pursuit of style, but Sony's carbon fibre Vaio Pro 13 strikes an impressive balance of form and function.

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A touch above a laptop screen

Samsung Win 8

David Pogue They may be slick but the latest hybrids may not be worth the price.


Google shines up the Chrome


Adam Turner More than a tablet but less than a PC, the Google Chromebook joins the growing line-up of post-PC devices.

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Why the old PC model is kaput

Bill Gates (R) is joined by Intel Chairman Andy Grove with a historic IBM 5150 PC.

Kirk Ladendorf Big tidal forces are reshaping the PC business, which is more than three decades old and showing signs of age.

Toss-up: ultrabooks


Adam Turner If you're looking for a highly portable notebook without having to sacrifice grunt, then an ultrabook might be the answer.

Choosing your ultimate travel companion

HP's 11.6-inch Pavilion DM1-1408AU

Adam Turner What's the perfect gadget for your travel bag?

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Windows 8: more than just a touch-up

Windows 8 Start window.

Edward C. Baig Radical changes, possibly the biggest to ever hit Windows PCs, are going to dramatically alter the status quo of computing this week.

Can Microsoft's Surface hold its own in the tablet wars?


Adam Turner Without the ability to run desktop applications, why would I want Microsoft's Surface RT over an Apple or Android tablet?

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Microsoft launches Modern warfare

Windows 8.

Adam Turner Can a touch-friendly tile interface for the PC win over customers?

Mini tablets - better for work or play?


Adam Turner How does the iPad mini fit into the big picture?

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