Titanfall: Brilliant action, but lacks longevity

James Dominguez Titanfall has taken the bold step of completely removing single-player from this online-only shooter, and it almost pulls it off.


Laser-guided homage to '80s action films

A screenshot from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Calum Wilson Austin Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon can be clunky - sometimes deliberately - but it offers plenty of action and, most of all, fun.

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Vote: Best action-adventure game of 2012

best action adventure 2012

James Dominguez Many games took us on action-packed journeys this year. Which were your favourites?

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Devil May Cry: Heavenly combat action

dmc devil may cry dante

Jason Hill Did the brave move of entrusting Devil May Cry to a Western developer pay off for Capcom?

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Dead Space 3: More action, less frights

Dead Space 3

Jason Hill The fear of the unknown is horror's greatest weapon, so Dead Space 3 was always going to have a tough time scaring us as much as its predecessors.

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Bringing Halo's action to live-action

Halo 4 Master Chief Forward Unto Dawn

James Dominguez Live action Halo is finally becoming a reality, with the upcoming web series Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. Screen Play talked to its young Aussie star, Tom Green.

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Review: Diablo III Reaper of Souls - Diablo as it should have always been

Diablo III feels like a brand new game.

James "DexX" Dominguez Diablo III had a troubled launch 12 months ago. Now, expansion pack Reaper of Souls has fixed everything.

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Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z - Dead on arrival

yaiba ninja gaiden z

James Dominguez An over-the-top comedy action game poking fun at the dour Ninja Gaiden series is an idea with potential, but Yaiba has made a shocking mess of it.

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Infamous Second Son: Powerful


Jason Hill The lively Second Son clearly has ambitions to be more serious than the PlayStation 3 Infamous games.

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Infamous: Second Son game review

Jason Hill The lively Second Son clearly has ambitions to be more serious than the PlayStation 3 Infamous games.

The necessity of failure: Gaming as a metaphor for learning and living

diablo iii

James Dominguez Failure is not just inevitable, but essential. Today, DexX notes a parallel between how we play games and how we live.

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Caption This! #17

post-it notes

James Dominguez Infamous Second Son is out, this year's first big exclusive for the PlayStation 4. Let's make jokes about it.

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Friday Question: What are your most impressive failures?

trials fusion

James Dominguez Share your stories of your most hilarious and embarrassing failures in video gaming, and win a prize!

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The top 10 games of 2014


Calum Wilson Austin Here are 10 of the most hotly anticipated games we can look forward to in 2014.

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How did South Park: The Stick of Truth end up a great game?

south park the stick of truth

James Dominguez South Park: The Stick of Truth is a game based on a TV show, made by a notoriously patchy company, and lost its original publisher to bankruptcy. How on earth did it manage to be so good?

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Dark Souls II is a harsh mistress

Dark Souls II

James Dominguez DexX is not ready to write a review of Dark Souls II just yet, because he has barely managed to make any progress in it.

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Flappy Bird creator may ressurect his game

Flappy Bird and creator.

The creator of Flappy Bird says he's thinking of resurrecting the smash-hit free game that he abruptly took offline a month ago.

South Park The Stick of Truth: Oh my God!

South Park

Jason Hill The Stick of Truth is an incredibly faithful adaptation of the long-running animated series.

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Drawbacks of online-only gaming shown by Titanfall failure


James Dominguez Online gaming is big business, but as the ongoing issues Optus customers are having with Titanfall proves, online-only has some serious drawbacks.

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Former THQ executive reveals fate of lost games

warhammer dark millennium online

James Dominguez While games like South Park and Saint's Row found new homes after THQ's closure, some weren't so lucky. Now an ex-THQ executive has spilled the beans.

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