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Friday Question: What game types do you still want to see on touch screens?

James Dominguez Touch screen gaming on iPads and Android tablets has become a serious business. Which genres do you think could benefit from a touch interface?


Titanfall preview: The online shooter gets super-sized


James Dominguez Last week's Titanfall beta attracted two million eager players. Today, we have an interview talking about the design process behind this upcoming blockbuster.

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Tuesday Newsday: Xbox One sales, fearmongering over games and gambling, and Steam Machines appear in the wild


James Dominguez Xbox One tops two million sales, SA government launches a campaign linking games and gambling, and Valve's Steam Machines popping up in the wild. All this and more.

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Gamescom day two: Vampires, pirates, and sweet guitar licks

watch dogs ubisoft

James Dominguez The second day of Gamescom in Germany was a busy one for DexX.

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Get ready for crunch time: the video game flood is coming

stack of shame pile of games

James Dominguez The latter third of the year, and especially October and November, is always a peak period for video game releases, and in 2013 it looks set to be a big one.

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The video game spin-off: the good, the bad, and the potential

puzzle quest

James Dominguez The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is the latest attempt to spin off an established brand into a new format.

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Tuesday Newsday: Business woes continue, new modding tools, and extra GTA V details

the bureau xcom declassified

James Dominguez File under "boring but important", several huge companies are having problems. Otherwise we have Witcher 2 mod tools, more GTA V map details, and the return of that XCOM shooter.

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E3 2013: Xbox press conference


James Dominguez Microsoft promised two weeks ago that E3 would be all about the games, and they certainly kept their promise.

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Deadlight, an unsatisfying flashback

Deadlight thumb

James Dominguez Revisiting faded genres is popular among downloadable titles, but Deadlight's recreation of classic platforming adventures falls short of the mark.

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What would convince you to buy a PS Vita?

PS Vita

James Dominguez New sales data has revealed that Sony's shiny new handheld is selling poorly, and a lacklustre game library is probably to blame.

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Your Turn: The Genre Comfort Zone

bioshock big daddy

Screen Play reader Stephen Foote Reader Stephen Foote discusses how trying unfamiliar genres can open our minds up to new gaming possibilities.

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Screenshot jigsaw puzzle #12

question block

James Dominguez Thank your deity of preference it's Friday, and then come and solve this jigsaw puzzle.

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What is your most-anticipated game of 2013?

most anticipated 2013

James Dominguez 2012 has been a huge year for games, and 2013 is looking even bigger. Which games are you most looking forward to?

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Split Screen: Sixty years of leaps and bounds

Pong 1972

James Dominguez The 10th birthday of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind has prompted DexX to look back another 10 years, and further, to observe how our gaming has changed over time.

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Killing time, but it's just child's play

Call of Duty Black Ops

Gary Tippet Just how addictive is the new generation of violent video games?

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Split Screen: Emergence versus the well-worn path


James Dominguez Emergent storytelling is one of the popular trends in modern gaming, but it is important to balance it with careful scripting, says DexX.

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