Brisbane man combines gaming and live music

Zoe Hincliffe With smartphone apps being developed and introduced on a daily basis, it takes a particular type of creative expert to capture the attention of our technologically driven society.

Theme and variation - the new strain of music games

bit trip runner commander video

James Dominguez Two years after plastic guitar games were booed off the stage, music and rhythm games have cleaned up their act and started making a comeback.

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Vote: Best music, rhythm, or party game of 2012

best party game 2012

James Dominguez Which game in 2012 was the most successful at getting everyone around the TV having fun together?

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Pop goes the music games

Rock Band 3

Jason Hill Even an Oils anthem on Rock Band's bulging music store hasn't been enough incentive for Screen Play to drag out the plastic instruments.

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No Doubt subject of music game lawsuit

no doubt

Louisa Hearn Games developer Activision has counter-sued US rock group No Doubt in a tit-for-tat legal battle between the two.

The necessity of failure: Gaming as a metaphor for learning and living

diablo iii

James Dominguez Failure is not just inevitable, but essential. Today, DexX notes a parallel between how we play games and how we live.

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Luftrausers: Fly, shoot, die, repeat


James Dominguez Luftrausers, from popular Dutch indie studio Vlambeer, offers intense, bite-sized gaming that keeps you saying "one more game!"

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How Facebook became an online games giant

Sophie Curtis How do you build the games that are dominating mobile, played by every commuter waiting for a bus and by every teenager while they're also watching TV?


Rayman Fiesta Run: Diabolically difficult fun

rayman fiesta run

James Dominguez Ubisoft's sequel to their mobile device hit Rayman Jungle Run is hair-tearingly difficult but still compulsively addictive.

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Your Turn: The threat of disappearing digital games


Screen Play reader Steven Impson "The internet is forever", or so the phrase goes. However, the ephemeral nature of digital data means that some things can be lost, and reader Steven Impson worries about the volatility of...

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Real-life zombie-killing game headed for Sydney


Ben Grubb Meet Patient 0, the real-life live action zombie apocalypse game that has reduced some players to tears and whose creators hope to bring to Sydney this year - along with corpses, zombies, guns and...

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Adventure Time hits the slopes in a super-addictive mobile game

ski safari adventure time

James Dominguez Ski Safari Adventure Time landed on iOS and Android just before Christmas, and it's proven to be an addictive delight.

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Hands-on with the PlayStation 4

playstation 4 ps4 dual shock 4 dualshock 4

James Dominguez On sale tomorrow, the PlayStation 4 is a smooth, polished piece of hardware, but some missing features and a lacklustre game library hold it back from perfection.

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Your Turn: A brief history of Sony and the PlayStation

gran turismo

Screen Play reader Andrew Yoshimura We're having a double-dose of user-submitted articles today, starting with the latest in Andrew Yoshimura's series profiling the major players in video game history.

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Your Review: Transport Tycoon iOS Edition

transport tycoon ios ipad

Screen Play reader Jonathon Kaesler Transport Tycoon, the timeless cult favourite of obsessive PC gamers all over the world, has been re-designed for Apple touch devices, and here is Screen Play regular Joka's review.

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Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 are playing to win

Microsoft Xbox One

Adam Turner The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are vying for pride of place in Australian lounges.


Sony monitors PlayStation issues as sales top 1m

PlayStation 4's lead system architect Mark Cerny holds a gaming control device during the unveiling of the PlayStation 4 launch event in New York.

Sony has sold more than 1 million PlayStation 4 consoles in North America during the first 24 hours of sales

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Next-gen showdown: PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One

xbox one Playstation 4 ps4 xbone xb1

James Dominguez Never before have two video game consoles been released so close together. Which one deserves your money more?

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Hands On: The Xbox One user experience

xbox one

James Dominguez The Xbox One has a lot of features that make it feel very different from previous consoles.

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Xbox One: Only the beginning

Microsoft Xbox One

Jason Hill Although there’s no compelling reason to rush to upgrade just yet, Xbox One is a quality machine.

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