Rocker Neil Young wins backers for challenge to iPod

Veteran Rock singer Neil Young is taking on iPod.

Miles Weiss Rock singer Neil Young has raised $500,000 from an investment group to launch a high-fidelity format for downloading music.

Man surgically attaches iPod to wrist


Professional body piercer Dave Hurban is a man attached to his iPod. Literally.

Apple expected to unveil new iPod line

iPod invite

Apple is planning a September 1 event at which the company is expected to unveil an updated iPod line-up.

How your iPod could be damaging your ears


Rod Easdown Endless hours of pounding sound from your music player could damage your hearing.

Review: iPod Nano 5th Gen

ipod nano

Rachel Metz The new Apple iPod Nano is the best and smallest multimedia player you can buy for under $200.

iWay robbery: iPod's a dud for a mugger


Georgina Robinson It appears you won't get mugged for your iPod in Sydney any more.

Digital life

iCoil keeps your headphones tangle-free

iCoil: no more tangled headphone cords.

Bonnie Wertheim In a perfect world, all electronics would be cordless.

Home tech

Three-way shootout: iDevice docks


Sight and Sound Rod Easdown reviews a trio of sound docks that protect the device from errant dance moves.

Load them up and let it rip

Digital music storage.

Sight and Sound These days we can store our entire CD collections in small, convenient boxes.

Listen up: a brief history of headphones


Fran Berkman Headphones have come a long way in the past 100 years, revolutionising the way we consume media and the way we communicate.

iTunes' time has run out


Farhad Manjoo iTunes 11 did not arrive on time. Apple had promised to deliver the next version of its music-management program in October.

Radio's next big challenge


Asher Moses Video didn't kill the radio star but a free online music-streaming service called Pandora just might.

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Amazon ramps up challenge to iTunes music store


Amazon.com has launched a service that gives CD buyers instant copies of music in the cloud in a major challenge to Apple's iTunes shop.

Amazon says music catalogue open to Apple users

Apple Amazon

Amazon says its 22-million song music catalogue is now "optimised" for users of Apple devices, making it easier for iPhone owners to circumvent the iTunes Store.

Now hear this, binge listeners: turn the tunes down, or risk aural damage


Julie Power ANVARA AKBAROVA says she ''can't live'' without her earphones plugged in to loud music on her phone or iPod, although friends have told her she is going deaf from continuous exposure.

Neil Young: Steve Jobs listened to vinyl

RYAN NAKASHIMA Legendary rocker Neil Young has taken his campaign for higher-fidelity digital sound to the stage of a technology conference, saying a giant of the industry was on his side: the late Steve Jobs.

Apple censoring explicit music on iTunes Match

Chris Taylor Apple is unintentionally censoring rap music and other explicit tracks downloaded using its iTunes Match service — by replacing them with the clean versions of the same songs.

War looms as Sony hints that it will abandon iTunes


Julian Lee SONY has signalled it may withdraw its artists from Apple's iTunes store and withhold its games from the iPhone in a sign the two companies are on the brink of all-out war.

Natural selection

Radio on different platforms.

Bleeding Edge Subscription networks give you control of your music at the push of a button.

Hazarrds are loud and clear

Rod Easdown Endless hours of pounding sound from your music player could damage your hearing.