Is Plasma TV dead?

Peter Pachal A combination of factors in the industry and the consumer market have conspired to shut plasma TVs out of showrooms — and consumer living rooms.

Plasma v LCD - which should you buy?

IPTV brings video available on the internet to your living room.

Rod Easdown Where your set is located can dictate which television is best for you.

Plasma v LCD: the battle rages on


Simon Tsang While sales of plasma TVs appear to be in decline, the technology is far from dead and debate continues to rage about whether LCD or plasma TVs are better.

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The year the plasma died?


Louisa Hearn The future of plasma TV has been hotly debated ever since big LCD screens muscled their way into the market, but will 2009 go down in history as the year that plasma finally died?

Beware of cheap plasma scams

Digital TV

Rod Easdown An old scam has just been given a new, digital-age twist. Plasma screens are being sold out of the backs of vans.

Toss-up: 3D glasses

Adam Turner Watching 3DTV requires wearing special glasses, but not all 3D glasses are the same.

TV remote's days numbered thanks to smart TVs

Google TV.

The way we control TV is finally transforming, writes Mike Wilcox.

Break down Blu-ray borders

Blu-Ray player.

Multiregion capability no longer has to mean big bucks, writes Anthony Clarke.

Switch on for visions of grandeur

Sony's 4K screen is serious wall real estate.

Rod Easdown As the technology that brings light and sound into our homes evolves, today's TV is more than meets the eye.

Televisions of grandeur

Sony Personal 3D Viewer.

Mike Wilcox considers the latest screen technology for home.

IMAX in your living room: the future of TV


James Manning A new television technology known as Super Hi-Vision offers viewers a picture 16 times the resolution currently available on HDTVs.

Meet the $55,000 WindowWall

A four-screen WindowWall retails for $55,000.

Rod Easdown It's called a WindowWall and it was developed for pubs but it is proving an unexpected hit in the domestic market.

Three contenders ... $1000 home theatres

home theatre

Rod Easdown It's now possible to buy a full 5.1 surround-sound home theatre for less than $1000.

Digital fields a cricket team of choices

Shane Watson

Adam Turner Almost a decade after our first digital summer, digital television is finally starting to heat up in Australia.

Choosing a sound system set-up

Sony HTDDW7000 speaker system

Rod Easdown Without a decent sound system, you're missing half the entertainment experience.

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Sony eyes off networks for online TV

television remote control

Paul McIntyre Sony Australia has joined the race to lure eyeballs from PCs back to big screens in lounge rooms across the nation.

All this talk of numbers hertz


A friend recently noticed two Sony LCD televisions placed together in a store, one a 100-hertz model, the other 200 hertz, and both tuned to Mornings With Kerri-Anne.

TV off the air but still in our hair


Louisa Penfold The forced shutdown of analog television signals, beginning next year, means that up to 10 million obsolete televisions may be in need of disposal over the next four years.

Great expectations for high-definition

Hi-def TVs

Terry Lane In spite of all the advertising about Freeview, a sizeable slice of the population has no idea what digital TV means and couldn't care less.

Mildura: our digital guinea pigs

Mark Wilson stands in a cherry picker to adjust TV antennas on a mast.

Larry Schwartz In 364 days, an estimated 60,000 television viewers in and around Mildura, in the north-west of Victoria, will lead Australia into the digital-only television era.