Plan for your TV future

Toshiba 39AL900A 99cm.

Sight and Sound It's not all that easy to find a small, basic, non-internet, non-3D telly with lots of inputs.


A cheaper route


Sight and Sound Reviews for three portable DVD players to help keep children quiet on a long car journey.

Three-way shootout: home-theatre soundbars

Yamaha soundbar.

Road test These sleek bearers of sound are no longer the gimmick they seemed only years ago.

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Stunning TV audio speaks for itself

The Bose Solo.

Rod Easdown Surround-sound and other options abound to enrich the aural experience of television.

Things to consider when buying additional televisions

Televisions with built in DVD or Blu-ray players are great in rooms where space is at a premium.

Rod Easdown Several things make buying a second (or third) television quite different to the first.

How to reduce spaghetti factor


LET'S face it, the problem with even modestly sized home entertainment systems these days is the cables.