Overheating reports suspend HP, Google Chromebook 11 sales

Aaron Ricadela and Brian Womack Google and HP halt sales of the Chromebook 11 laptop after some users reported overheating power supplies.


Limelight for Apple's MacBook Pro


Macman As iPads continue their invasion, desktop PC sales are assuming the trajectory of a brick.


Plan for your TV future

Toshiba 39AL900A 99cm.

Sight and Sound It's not all that easy to find a small, basic, non-internet, non-3D telly with lots of inputs.

Sight & Sound

Cross the deep Blu-ray sea

Laser BD1000.

Sight and Sound If you want to play American Blu-rays, you'll need to exercise dogged persistence.

Toss-up: ultrabooks


Adam Turner If you're looking for a highly portable notebook without having to sacrifice grunt, then an ultrabook might be the answer.

Choosing your ultimate travel companion

HP's 11.6-inch Pavilion DM1-1408AU

Adam Turner What's the perfect gadget for your travel bag?

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Break down Blu-ray borders

Blu-Ray player.

Multiregion capability no longer has to mean big bucks, writes Anthony Clarke.

Windows 8: more than just a touch-up

Windows 8 Start window.

Edward C. Baig Radical changes, possibly the biggest to ever hit Windows PCs, are going to dramatically alter the status quo of computing this week.

Can Microsoft's Surface hold its own in the tablet wars?


Adam Turner Without the ability to run desktop applications, why would I want Microsoft's Surface RT over an Apple or Android tablet?

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Microsoft launches Modern warfare

Windows 8.

Adam Turner Can a touch-friendly tile interface for the PC win over customers?

Toss-up: notebooks for students


Adam Turner As students head back to school, it's time to look for a notebook that won't break your back or your budget.

Apple iTV? Bring it on, says Samsung, as battle-lines drawn in the new tech war

Samsung 55-inch super OLED TV.

Asher Moses in Las Vegas The threat of an Apple iTV cast a heavy shadow over the Consumer Electronics Show this year.

What you need to know when buying a TV

New TVs are a delight for novices and technofiles alike.

Rod Easdown Keep calm, take a deep breath and enter a new realm of home entertainment.

Plasma v LCD - which should you buy?

IPTV brings video available on the internet to your living room.

Rod Easdown Where your set is located can dictate which television is best for you.

Complaints mount over Dick Smith’s dodgy drives

dick smith

Asher Moses The Fair Trading Commissioner will conduct a formal investigation into whether the practice by retailers of selling used goods as new is "widespread and systemic" following reports from this website.

Four-way shootout: new iPad takes on Android rivals


Darren Yates PC or Mac? It was technology's equivalent of asking your mates “Ford or Holden?” and always guaranteed to start a debate – and even the odd stoush.

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Ultra-sleek, but not the main game

: ultrabooks: Asus Zenbook   image001.jpg

DAVID POGUE What is an ultrabook? It is a gorgeous, sleek wedge of a laptop, clad in shining brushed metal.

Ultrabook roundup


Darren Yates If there’s a category that captures what notebooks are really all about, it’s the ultraportable.

Where TVs go to die

Steve Hamment disassembles a TV at the e waste TV recycling plant.

Katie Cincotta It's time to lift our game when disposing of our much-loved gadgets. By Katie Cincotta.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 coming this month

galaxy tab 2

Samsung, Apple's biggest competitor in the market for iPad-sized tablet computers, is updating its line to include features such as one that lets a tablet act as a universal remote control for an...