Kodak to stop making cameras, digital frames

Kodak says that it will stop making digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames, marking the end of an era for the company that brought photography to the masses more than a...


Micro four-thirds cameras: the four-third degree

Great shot: We reach for the Olympus.

Imaging What is micro four-thirds? Or mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras?

In camera land, what is PASM?

Retina-1b Camera.

Imaging Children should enjoy photography unencumbered by technicalities.

Review: Eye-Fi wireless memory card

Eye-Fi card.

Terry Lane The Eye-Fi card is a way to make your present camera into a wireless device.

Think negatively

Kodak film.

Imaging Despite huge advances in data storage, film is still reliable for photos.

A vision for perfection

Frenchman Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Imaging Disdaining convention, he wanted every photo to be a masterpiece.

Box Brownie in your pocket

Smartphones are the new Box Brownie.

Terry Lane The smartphone is killing off the cheap and cheerful point-and-shoot camera business.

Price of excellence

These days, billions of photos are taken each year and most are never printed.

Imaging Inkjet printers will take your breath and your money away.

The new dimension

Imaging A mirrorless design has led to compact digitals that give professional results, writes Terry Lane.

Find something that clicks

iPhone 4.

Imaging The Digital Show has its finger on the pulse, writes Terry Lane.

Picture having a good memory

Testing the Olympus OM-d  camera at the Digital Show in Melbourne.

Imaging Some of the new and exciting gadgets of the Digital Show are worth snapping up.

The firm that's making a motser out of old tech

Asher Moses A regional NSW company that was on track to becoming extinct has emerged as a global digital photo printing powerhouse.

Back from the dead: the firm that's making a mint out of old tech


Asher Moses A regional NSW company that was on track to becoming extinct has emerged as a global digital photo printing powerhouse, selling $20 Facebook photo books to customers in over 80 countries including...

Gone in a flash

Imaging Kodak is no more but other brands are going retro.

Digital photography inventors finally in focus

Steven Sasson

Terry Lane NOW that digital photography seems to be here to stay, it's safe to start handing out prizes to the inventors. And this is the month for awarding the gongs.

Black and white photo magic

black and white

silver EfexPro 



Terry Lane There are photographers around who still think the black and white image is the real deal while the colour picture is eye candy.

Snapshots of the future

David Bailey

UNTIL recently, camera phones have been the snapshot camera's poor relation but some have reached the point where they can take serious pictures, even at night.

Camera innovations - gimmicks or good ideas?

Sony Party Shot camera dock

LAST week we were out and about with Samsung's latest compact camera, the ST550 (on sale here this month). This particular camera's claim to uniqueness is that it has not one but two LCDs.

Brushing up those old memories

Kodachrome transparencies.

Terry Lane The postie brought us an unexpected surprise last week. Three photos which were Kodacolor prints from 1965, but as sweet as these photos might be, they were not in good condition.

New breed of micro DLSRs


Terry Lane There has been a quiet clamour for a professional compact. And now we have it. Well, we have two. They are called Micro Four Thirds cameras and both Panasonic and Olympus are making them.