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Box Brownie in your pocket

THIS is the year the venerable Eastman Kodak corporation admitted defeat, filed for bankruptcy protection and stopped making and selling cameras. The company that democratised photography and invented the digital camera is killed off by its own child.

The smartphone is killing off the cheap and cheerful point-and-shoot camera business, not just for Kodak but for other manufacturers that have some protection from a more diverse model line-up.

The smartphone model life is so short, any recommendation made today will be irrelevant tomorrow, but we did do a comparison test in July and concluded the Samsung Galaxy III came closest to producing real camera quality. It also has the best camera interface, although all Android phones have decent control panels.

Since then, the iPhone 5 and the Windows 8 phones have been released and the Nokia Windows 8 phones are getting good reviews.

The smartphone camera is always with you and connected to social media sites - who could ask for more? It takes George Eastman's promise, ''You press the shutter and we do the rest'', into new-age instant gratification.