Next wave of GPS promises stronger signals

DAN ELLIOTT The future of the Global Positioning System is taking shape in a vast white room south of Denver, where workers are piecing together the first of more than 30 satellites touted as the most powerful,...

Australian software offers fix for GPS errors


Julia Talevski Artificial intelligence could soon make GPS navigation far more accurate and easy to use - even accounting for human error - thanks to an Australian-developed technology.

Beginners guide to GPS


Claire Mcentee GPS technology has multiple applications but is perhaps best known for its use in car navigation units, such as those sold by TomTom and Navman.

Who needs a licence? Self-driving cars coming our way

The 1959 Cadillac Cyclone.

It's been more than half a century since some of the first concept cars boasting self-driving features were presented to the world and they're still not on the roads.

Apple finally turns on turn-by-turn in Australia

Apple maps

Ben Grubb Apple Maps navigation system launched in Australia after bumpy debut overseas.

New technology could make texting while driving 'safe'


2nd Lieutenant James Edge-Williams with his early stage 'Chorded keyboard' design and holding the newer under-development model. 
11 December 2012

Photo: Rohan Thomson. The Canberra Times. 


David Ellery Helicopters and motorcycles have inspired Second Lieutenant James Edge-Williams to come up with a chorded keyboard prototype that may make safe texting while driving a possibility.

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Equipped with sat-nav in driver's seat, well on the road to nowhere


Rachel Olding Annika Roden's sat-nav gained a mind of its own recently, guiding her into a cemetery.

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Family spends three nights trapped in ute


Georgina Robinson A family of four spent three nights stranded in their ute after ignoring warning signs and following their GPS navigation system onto a closed dirt road in the NSW far north-west.

Automakers aim to ape app success with network car


Frank Jordans Forget texting at the wheel: automakers want you to be able to check Facebook, listen to Internet radio and book a table online, while live traffic information displays the least congested route to...

Review: TomTom iPhone Satellite Navigation App


Stephen Hutcheon TomTom's new iPhone app has made a big splash since its debut last month. If only drivers could be sure that it will continue to be legal to use it for navigating.

Sat nav apps could be heading for a dead end

tomtom iphone

Stephen Hutcheon Strict new road rules relating to the use of mobile phones by drivers are threatening to kill the burgeoning market in apps and services that enable smartphones to be used as satellite navigation...

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Driven to distraction by our gadgets

Driving and texting

Katie Cincotta Gadget acrobatics while driving seem innocent enough — after all, multitasking is the new black. But research suggests playing with our tech toys in transit can be a dicey game.

Digital radio: what's in store

Grundig GDR710DABIP: includes an iPod dock.

Nick Ross It's not cheap buying into digital radio as each device is, in effect, a computer that decodes the digital signal.

Is this the end of the road for sat nav?

Sat Nav

Louisa Hearn They might have dominated Christmas wish lists for half a decade, but portable satellite navigation devices (PNDs) for the mass market might be about to join the endangered species list.