TENplay cracks Apple TV in TV Everywhere push

Adam Turner   Along with the subscription video boom, Aussie TV networks are also pushing onto more home entertainment devices.

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Geek Pilgrimage: Space Shuttle Endeavour at California Science Centre

You can get up close with Endeavour at California Science Centre, not far from LAX.

Adam Turner   If you're stranded overnight at LAX, you're only a cab ride away from one of aerospace's greatest treasures.

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Presto and Stan get the jump on Netflix

Lorenzo Richelmy in Netflix's newest series, Marco Polo.

Adam Turner   Aussie upstarts are taking the fight to streaming pioneer Quickflix and foreign raider Netflix, but Stan and Presto's limited lounge room support could be their downfall.

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CES 2015: Where's our 4K content?

Netflix will break Australia's Ultra HD drought, with 4K media players still in the wings.

Adam Turner   It falls on foreign raider Netflix to finally break Australia's Ultra HD movie drought.

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CES 2015: Why the PC isn't quite dead yet

PCs have some new tricks up their sleeves. The HP Sprout combines an all-in-one desktop PC with Intel's RealSense imaging technology, plus a combination scanner and projector, and a touch-sensitive projection surface called a Touchy Mat.

Brandon Bailey   Manufacturers are crafting high-resolution, curved screens for desktops and other new features you can't get in a hand-held device, while trying new laptop designs that mimic the tablet's appeal.

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CES Hands-on: Belkin WeMo Maker smart home kit

Belkin's WeMo Maker DIY kit lets you expand your smart home to cover a wide range of devices.

Adam Turner   Coming to Australia in February, the WeMo Maker lets you integrate practically any device into your smart home.

Apple's next MacBook Air will remove almost all traditional hardware ports: report

A render of the 12 inch Macbook Air projection from 9to5Mac.com.

Henry Cooke   Next Macbook Air will be smaller, narrower and come with less ports, says report.


Netflix HDR Ultra HD streaming coming to Australia

The acclaimed Netflix series <i>House of Cards</i>.

Adam Turner   LG unveils the first "Netflix Recommended Televisions" at CES, with support for HDR Ultra HD movies, as the streaming video giant prepares to launch in Australia.

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Summer tech projects for the holidays

Along with enjoying the great outdoors, summer holidays also present the perfect time to tackle a new tech project.

Adam Turner   Do you have high-tech plans for the Christmas break? Adam Turner has some ideas.

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Hands on: BenQ treVolo electrostatic speaker

If you favour Miles Davis over Miley Cyrus then BenQ's treVolo portable electrostatic speaker could be for you.

Adam Turner   One of the world's first portable electrostatic speakers, BenQ's treVolo aims to put studio quality sound in your travel bag.

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Hands on review: Belkin WeMo smart light bulbs

Belkin's WeMo bulbs can boost your home's IQ.

Adam Turner   Remote control light bulbs are a handy addition to Belkin's WeMo smart home ecosystem, but there's work to be done.

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Turnbull's piracy filter is not 'the filter'

Blocking The Pirate Bay won't stop pirates, but Turnbull's filter isn't in the same league as Conroy's filter.

Adam Turner   Blocking The Pirate Bay is a futile gesture, but don't cloud the issue by equating it to Conroy's Orwellian internet filtering scheme.

Telstra Travel Pass takes some of the sting out of global roaming

Don't hit the road without thinking about global roaming.

Adam Turner   Telstra is curbing horrendous roaming fees, but it's very stingy with data.

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Foxtel's Presto and Seven to fight Netflix

Foxtel and Seven are teaming up to offer Presto Entertainment in competition to streaming giant Netflix..

Adam Turner   TV shows are coming to Presto as local entertainment giants brace for Netflix to storm the beaches.

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Building a Minecraft server under the Christmas tree

Playing Minecraft can be as simple or as complicated as you make it.

Adam Turner   If you thought building a swing set on Christmas Eve was tough, try building your kids a Minecraft server for the holidays.

Children's e-Safety Commissioner aims to clean up the net, yet again

Australia's proposed e-Safety Commissioner would crack down on cyber bullying.

Adam Turner   Can Australia's cyber bully buster succeed where politicians have failed in the past?

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HFC suburbs still in NBN no man's land

If HFC pay TV cable runs through your suburb then you're still last in line for the NBN.

Adam Turner   The next phase of the NBN rollout still doesn't bring pay TV cables into the mix.

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Hands on: BackupBoxx

The palm-sized BackupBoxx aims to keep all your precious files safe.

Adam Turner   The tiny BackupBoxx is a power backup solution aimed at novices, but might be overkill for some homes.

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Super-thin smartphones make the case for serious protection

Apple's iPhone 6 is a sleek and slippery sucker.

Adam Turner   Coming to grips with a new phone might mean conceding that you need a case.

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Hands on: Sony PlayStation TV

PlayStation TV is a palm-sized set-top box that doesn't include built-in digital tuners for watching live television.

Adam Turner   Sony's tiny set-top box aims to deliver much of what's missing from the PlayStation 4, but falls short.

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