First-gen Apple TV back from the dead

Adam Turner   2:14 PM   Apple refuses to discuss why the original Apple TV couldn't see the iTunes store for almost a week.

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Twitter hacked: where did you go wrong?

Spammers have ramped up their attacks on Twitter.

Adam Turner   Have weight loss spammers hacked your Twitter account? How did they get in?

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It's time for a Heartbleed-inspired password audit

Passwords: It's time for a major rethink.

Adam Turner   Don't just change your passwords to protect against Heartbleed, use the opportunity to come up with better passwords.

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Chromebook packs power in lightweight unit

Katie Cincotta   Google's latest stripped-down laptop, the thin, lightweight Acer C720P, is the ideal travel PC.


How to upgrade from Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP.

Anick Jesdanun   Windows XP still runs on millions of computers out there. Here's what to do if you own one of them.


iPad photo backups - which service is best?

The cloud presents back-up challenges.

Adam Turner   iCloud's 5GB of free storage doesn't stretch far, so what's your next step?


Pop-ups exasperate Windows XP's remaining users

Windows XP

Tom Pullar-Strecker   Microsoft has been accused of crossing a line and inconveniencing computer users who have yet to ditch Windows XP before it stops supporting the operating system on Tuesday.

Game of Thrones - can you abstain?

game of thrones, dinklage

If you're opposed to both Foxtel and the BitTorrent channel, are you prepared to wait months for your next taste of Game of Thrones?

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Is it time to back up your life into the cloud?

Cloud Computing

As cloud storage becomes all but free, is it time to rethink your online back-up regime?

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Family holiday tech - what do you take on the road?


When it's time to get away from it all, do you take it all with you?

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Foxtel Play comes to PlayStation 3

Game of Thrones was the most downloaded program.

If you own a PS3 you can now watch Foxtel on it - but will it stop you pirating Game of Thrones?

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Don't abandon offsite backups

.Burning House Fire with Fire Truck.

With the backlash against the cloud, don't keep all your backups in the one basket.

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Office for iPad - Microsoft reaches the crossroads

The new Microsoft Corp. Office for Apple Inc. iPad is displayed during an event in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Thursday, March 27, 2014. Nadella unveiled Office software for Apple Inc.'s iPad, laying out how he plans to more aggressively push the company?s programs onto rival platforms after Windows for mobile devices failed to catch on. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Windows has taken a back seat as Microsoft finally introduces Office for iPad to the world.

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Friends don't let friends use Windows XP

Microsoft chairman and then chief software architect Bill Gates next to a computer with Windows XP (previously code-named "Whistler") at the time of  launch in 2001.

Are you recommending Windows 7 or 8 when friends abandon XP?

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Two computer screens aren't better than one

Farhad Manjoo, a New York Times tech columnist, works with his second monitor turneed off at his home in Palo Alto, Calif., March 18, 2014. For years, techies have argued that getting an extra monitor or two for your desktop computer is an especially effective way to increase personal productivity, but those extra windows may just provide more room for distractions. (Peter DaSilva/ The New York Times)

Farhad Manjoo   What if more monitors and bigger monitors actually detract from, rather than improve, how you work?


Android Wear - what do we want from wearable tech?

Google's Android Wear smart watch concept.

How much tech do you need on your person?

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How supercomputers predict the weather

Dr Andrew Watkins, of the Bureau of Meteorology.

Iain Gillespie   The power of supercomputers is increasingly being used to benefit weather app users.


Hands on: Panasonic streaming Blu-ray recorder

Swans dive against Eagles (Thumbnail)

Streaming live television and recordings around your home puts Panasonic's Blu-ray recorder one step ahead of most off-the-shelf digital TV gear.

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Does your copy of Office 2013 die with your computer?


Can you reinstall Office 2013 on your new PC? Don't expect a simple answer from Microsoft.

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Microsoft Office for iPad may be unveiled on March 27: source

Microsoft tablets running office software are shown at an event in Taipai. Could the iPad be about to join them?

Bill Rigby   Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella may unveil an iPad version of the company's Office software suite on March 27.