Apple Mac Pro review: a sleek computer with power inside

Molly Wood The Mac Pro is daring, extravagant and elite - or maybe it's just for the elite.


Apple's new Mac Pro: a force to be reckoned with

Black star: The new Mac Pro is smaller and sleeker than its predecessor.

Macman Apple's new Mac Pro is its most stunning and futuristic desktop computer.

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Apple connects

The new Mac Pro, with outer cover removed, will be available later this year.

Macman Apple unveils its new Mac Pro, Mac OSX Mavericks and the dramatic iOS7 operating system.

Choosing your ultimate travel companion

HP's 11.6-inch Pavilion DM1-1408AU

Adam Turner What's the perfect gadget for your travel bag?

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Toss-up: ultraportable notebooks


Adam Turner Between low-powered netbooks and expensive ultrabooks lies a handful of small notebooks perfect for your travel bag.

Takes a workhorse to know one


Bleeding Edge Another quarter, another assemble-it-yourself PC that outperforms costly pre-mades.

Are your gadgets crippled by aggressive power-saving features?


Adam Turner It seems usability has been abandoned in the quest for better battery life.

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Where do I click, again? A guide to Windows 8

A US Microsoft store employee displays Microsoft's new Surface tablet.

PETER SVENSSON With the launch of Windows 8, people are about to discover a computing experience unlike anything they've seen before. Here's a guide to getting past some of the hurdles.

Your words are its commands

Illustration: Jim Pavlidis.

Bleeding Edge This voice-recognition program walks the walk and talks the talk.

Toss-up: notebooks for students


Adam Turner As students head back to school, it's time to look for a notebook that won't break your back or your budget.

Hands on

Hands on: Acer C710 Chromebook

Acer C710 Chromebook

Adam Turner Brimming with potential and priced to sell, Acer's stripped-down Chromebook is the perfect travel companion.

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Could the Chromebook spark a desktop Linux revival?

Adam Turner Is Linux on the desktop worth a second look if Chrome gives an old PC a new lease of life?

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Fanning the flame wars

Journalism lecturer Renee Barnes.

Katie Cincotta Social media has given rise to opinionated commentators, but the banter is not all bad.

Keep flogging an old workhorse

Bleeding Edge Higher prices and upcoming releases are two good reasons to delay upgrading your PC.

Review: Acer Ferrari One


Simon Tsang Launched to coincide with the Melbourne formula one grand prix, Acer's latest Ferrari-branded notebook is a stunner.

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