Review: Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710

David Flynn If the time has come to replace the dodgy keyboard and mouse supplied with your PC, a wireless desktop bundle is a smart move.


Does your tech play nicely with others?

xbox one

Adam Turner Do you inflict new technology on the rest of your household?

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New menu for custom-built PC connoisseurs

100215.   News. The Canberra Times.   Photo by KATE LEITH.

Bleeding Edge Building your own PC has become even better value, as specialised components filter down to the mainstream.

Hands on: Sony Google TV

Sony's Google TV set-top box and remote.

Adam Turner Now available to everyone, Sony's Google TV puts Android in your lounge room.

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What do we want from the iPad Mini?

tim cook

Adam Turner How will Apple convince us we need the iPad Mini?

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Toss-up: multimedia keyboards


Adam Turner If you're underwhelmed by your basic keyboard, it's not hard to upgrade to something better without breaking the bank.

Toss up: gaming mice


Drew Turney The sweet spot in a gaming mouse is tiny - you need a lot of functionality in a very uncomplicated product.

Hands on: Sonos SUB

Sonos SUB.

Adam Turner Sonos' new subwoofer adds extra kick to its already impressive multi-room audio system.

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A hex on the hub-goblins

Bleeding Edge All it took was our column about USB issues to unleash wicked little nasties at home.

Hands on: Motorola Xoom II

Motorola Xoom II.

Adam Turner Motorola's second Xoom tablet sheds weight and offers a few surprises.

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How the mouse points us to the future


WHEN historians look back at the IT revolution that occurred after 1960, they're likely to have Moore's Law at the front of their minds.