iPad photo back-ups - which service is best?

Adam Turner iCloud's 5GB of free storage doesn't stretch far, so what's your next step?


Sonos embraces Google Play Music

headphones, music

Adam Turner Google Play Music is the first third-party app to tie directly into the Sonos streaming music ecosystem.

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Foxtel Play comes to PlayStation 3

Game of Thrones was the most downloaded program.

Adam Turner If you own a PS3 you can now watch Foxtel on it - but will it stop you pirating Game of Thrones?

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Office for iPad - Microsoft reaches the crossroads


Adam Turner Windows has taken a back seat as Microsoft finally introduces Office for iPad to the world.

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Hands on: LIFX smart light bulbs

LIFX wi-fi enabled LED bulbs.

Adam Turner These wi-fi enabled LED bulbs are brimming with potential, but LIFX's early backers are still waiting for them to deliver on all their promises.

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Hands on: Foxtel Presto streaming movies

Foxtel's Presto movie service running on an Apple iPad.

Adam Turner It's a slick first effort, but Presto must come to lounge room devices if it's to be a serious contender.

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Microsoft Office for iPad may be unveiled on March 27: source

Microsoft tablets running office software are shown at an event in Taipai. Could the iPad be about to join them?

Bill Rigby Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella may unveil an iPad version of the company's Office software suite on March 27.


How to bake an Apple MacBook, and other recipes for extreme troubleshooting

Macbook Pro

Mahesh Sharma Desperate technology enthusiasts are using regular household items in MacGyver-like solutions to revive their dead devices.

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Thirty years at Apple's core

Resourceful advocate: Ivan Radywonik.

Macman In 1986, the Mac Plus cost $US2600, yet people bought them and revelled in what they could do with them.


Microsoft cuts Windows price for manufacturers by 70 per cent to counter rivals: sources

Dina Bass Microsoft is cutting the price of Windows 8.1 by 70 per cent for makers of low-cost computers and tablets as they try to fend off cheaper rivals like Google's Chromebooks, people familiar with the...


Net neutrality - a debate we can't afford to ignore

House of Cards

Adam Turner What if Telstra throttled access to the iTunes store?

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Sony abandons North American eBook stores

Sony Reader PRST3BC.

Adam Turner Australian Sony Reader owners could be next in line as Sony transfers US and Canadian Sony Reader owners to rival Kobo.

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Hands on: Fetch TV IPTV box

Fetch TV personal video recorder for free-to-air and subscription IPTV.

Adam Turner Recording free-to-air and pay TV, with minimal monthly fees, makes Fetch TV one of Australia's most attractive lounge room companions.

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Hands on: iTunes Radio


Adam Turner Are you chasing great songs or a certain sound? The answer will determine whether you get satisfaction from iTunes Radio.

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Google Play movies come to iOS

Iron Man

Adam Turner The Google Play Movies & TV app has finally come to Apple's iTunes store, letting iGadget owners watch movies they've hired or purchased from Google.

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HBO screws Australia over Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Adam Turner Don't blame Foxtel for signing an exclusive GoT deal, blame HBO for offering it.

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Apple gives away Mavericks, iWork and iLife for free

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JUNE 10: People walk under an iOS7 sign at the 2013 Apple WWDC at the Moscone Center on June 10, 2013 in San Francisco, California. Apple introduced a new mobile operatng system iOS 7, hardware upgrades and a new operating system OS X Mavericks during the keynote qaddress. The annual developer conference runs through June 14.   Kim White/Getty Images/AFP

Adam Turner Apple is pushing users further towards cloud computing with free software.

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Apple Mavericks OS X: top 10 features to try

Salvador Rodriguez Even though Apple's new Mavericks OS X - the latest version of its operating system for Macbook laptops and Mac desktop computes - is seen as an evolutionary upgrade, there are a few cool new...


Asus Transformer Trio: some heavy hardware

The Asus Transformer Book Trio can change between a laptop, a tablet and a desktop PC.

Katie Cincotta Asus's new Transformer Book Trio can change between a laptop, a tablet and a desktop PC.


Blockbuster US to close last video rental stores in 2014


Adam Turner How much life is left in Australian video rental stores as the US giant Blockbuster abandons DVDs in favour of streaming?

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