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The latest Fetch TV Mighty update lets you watch your recordings on a Fetch TV Mini set-top box in the bedroom, so you ...

Hands on: Fetch TV multi-room streaming

Fetch TV owners can curl up in bed and use the TV in the bedroom to watch something they recorded in the lounge room, thanks to the latest firmware update.

The pick of the posh

When appearance is more important that function: Gucci's laptop bag.

If you are intent on spending an outrageous amount of money on a high-end container for your laptop, here are some options.

What's your NBN Plan B?

The NBN has wiped $8.8 billion off the federal government's balance sheet since it began.

If your copper phone line is slowly failing but the NBN is still years from your street, what's your fallback broadband plan?

Hands on: RadioApp live streaming radio

RadioApp puts your favourite Australian commercial and national radio shows in your pocket.

Combining Australia's commercial stations and national broadcasters in the one slick app, RadioApp makes it easy to listen to live radio when you're on the move.

Hands on: InkCase smartphone case

Oaxis' InkCase i6 for the iPhone 6 builds an eBook reader into the back of your phone.

Adding an eBook-style screen to the back of your smartphone, InkCase lets you keep tabs on the world while conserving your battery.