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Hands on: iPhone 7 multimedia

When lightsabers clash you can see and hear the iPhone 7's multimedia improvements.

With an enhanced screen and new stereo speakers, Apple's latest iPhone improves its credentials as a pocket cinema.

What's next for Apple's iPhone?

As Tim Cook hones Apple's smartphone design, what will the next iPhone look like?

With the iPhone 7 no thinner, lighter, taller or sharper than its predecessor, where will Apple look next in order to drive upgrades?

Handy ways to plug and play while overseas

Belkin's power pack, for charging on the go.

Powering up devices when travelling is a challenge. It was manageable when it was just phones and computers and even tablets, but now there's a plethora of gadgets paired to your device that need to be charged as well, with hardly ever enough outlets in a hotel room or apartment.