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Google Chrome blocked TwitPic as malware

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This post was originally published on Mashable.

If you tried to log in to TwitPic or Twitter using a Google Chrome browser lately, you may have encountered a problem.

Google had been displaying malware warnings whenever visitors try to access either TwitPic or a site that relies on the service, although direct links and embedded images still work. In its latest tweet, TwitPic said Google had just removed the block. 

The problem was first flagged in the US but users in Australia were also getting the warning sign at least until lunchtime Monday when searching for TwitPic on Google via Chrome. Search results display the warning "This site may harm your computer". If users still clicked on the site's link it displayed a warning page with the suggestion to "return to the previous page and pick another result".

Twitpic had been updating users on its progress in resolving the issue, including advising it had conducted a full site audit to remove any possible malware warning triggers.

If you are still experiencing problems, to access your feeds, use services such as TweetDeck and other social-sharing apps that aren't accessed through Google Chrome.

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