The neuro games: videos that could boost children's brains

Hannah Francis   12:15 AM   An American neuroscientist and his team of expert video game developers are looking to create a new class of games designed specifically to help children learn.


Celebrity nude photo theft: How to make sure your phone's photos stay secure

iCloud can be a powerful tool in keeping your data and photos organised, but if you're not vigilant it can also serve your content up to hackers.

Tim Biggs   4:20 PM   Today a trove of personal photos from female celebrities begun circulating online, and it appears to be all thanks to the fact that stealing a person's files and photos no longer requires physical proximity or any outright carelessness on the victim's part.

Actor's private moment with her husband exposed

Hacked: Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Megan Levy and Tim Biggs   3:45 PM   Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead thought she was sharing a private moment with her husband, film director Riley Stearns, when she posed for a number of intimate images more than a year ago.


Young entrepreneur breathes life into tech idea

Elliot Smith, centre, with Pepster co-founders Gavin Kremor, left, and Jeremy Herbert.

Ben Grubb   3:26 PM   A 23-year-old University of Queensland engineering student has been rewarded for his creation of a medical device he hopes will improve the lives of children.

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You may have to wait for Apple's smartwatch


Adario Strange   9:41 AM   As it turns out, an earlier report that said Apple's iWatch will arrive in September has been updated with a very important caveat: You'll have to wait to buy it.


Emoji-only app Emojli debuts, nixes words for tiny pictures


Katie Sola   8:43 AM   Emoji-only messaging app Emojli is here to save you from the tedium of expressing your thoughts with actual words.


Samsung's curved smartwatch won't need companion phone

Samsung's new Gear S watch.

Anick Jesdanun   8:30 AM   Samsung's new Gear S will have a curved screen and 3G cellular connectivity built in, while LG shows off a new round design.

Fearful father invents emergency iPhone app

Concerned dad: Creator of the ResQme iPhone app Michael McGrath.

Megan Gorrey   Michael McGrath instinctively wants to know his three daughters are safe and only a phone call away.


ACCC sues US video games giant Valve

Steam has over 65 million users worldwide, and the company behind it is being accused by the ACCC of not following Australian consumer law.

Ben Grubb   The Australian consumer watchdog is suing the US company behind the wildly popular online video games distribution platform Steam, alleging it misled Australian consumers about their rights and refused to give refunds.

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Apple invites are out, new iPhones coming September 9

New iPhones look to be just a week and a half away.

Samantha Murphy Kelly   Just as expected, Apple sent out invitations on Thursday for what's presumed to be its big iPhone event of the year.


Google drones tested in Queensland

A tailsitter craft operated as part of Project Wing.

Cameron Atfield   A Queensland farm on the Darling Downs has become the unlikely testing ground of one of the most technologically advanced Google projects that could see autonomous drones deliver anything from chocolate to life-saving medicines.

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Consumer group ridicules government's piracy crackdown

The fake 'Minister for the Internet' in Choice's campaign.

Hannah Francis   Consumer group launches ad campaign targeting policymakers in Canberra.

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How a stay-at-home dad became an expert on Syrian conflict weapons

Eliot Higgins, blogger and expert in Syrian conflict weapons.

Patrick Begley   How can a man who has no degree or a diploma, who has never been to Syria and speaks no Arabic, become an authority?


Apple patent application details smartwatch wireless charging

Wireless charging on the way for Apple smart watch? An Apple patent points to the possibility.

Salvador Rodriguez   US Patent & Trademark Office publishes an application filed in early 2013 by Apple for a patent on wireless charging technology that shows how it could be used on a smartwatch or other Apple products.


Do Facebook, Twitter stifle opinions?

People are less willing to be vocal about their opinions on social media if they aren't sure others already agree with them, the study found.

Anne Flaherty   A surprising study finds that people who use social media are less likely than others to share their views on controversial issues, even while offline.


Apple may unveil iWatch on September 9

A transparent iWatch with some well-known Apple features or something totally new?

Hannah Francis   Fresh rumours suggest Apple's long-awaited wearable device could be launched alongside the iPhone 6.

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Data breach

Australia, reaching for more metadata, lets some slip

Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam has questioned the government's ability to handle data retention responsibilities.

Matt Siegel   Federal police accidentally allowed private metadata connected to a criminal investigation to be posted online.

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What will we do with a 12.9-inch iPad?

Is bigger better? The current iPad Air is 9.7 inches.

Lance Ulanoff   By this time next month, the rumours about a new, larger iPhone will be put to rest. By next year, if those rumours hold true, we’ll also have the super-sized 12.9-inch iPad alongside the regular 9.7-inch model and the mini.

Metadata defined under planned data retention laws

George Brandis says a "statutory definition" of metadata will be included in the legislation.

Ben Grubb   The Abbott government has attempted to put an end to the heated debate over proposed data retention regime by promising to spell out in law what customer information it will require telecommunication companies to store as part of its law enforcement and counterterrorism reforms.

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Stuffed dog auction pulled by eBay

The stuffed Doberman that was listed for sale on eBay.

Beau Donelly   An eBay listing for a taxidermy dog was initially banned for breaching the online auction site's animal and wildlife guidelines - because it had fur.