Living with my email doppelganger

Leigh Tonkin 3:37 PM   What do you do if you've been sharing inboxes with a stranger who doesn’t even know it?

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HBO Now cuts off Aussie geo-dodgers

Long-awaited return: Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister.

Ben Grubb   Australians who use geo-blocking circumvention services to sneak into the US-only HBO Now video streaming service, to watch popular TV shows like Game of Thrones, are being told they will soon be cut off.

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Australia's sleepiest city revealed


Kelsey Munro   It's axiomatic in the digital world that if an app or service is free, you're the product. More accurately, your data is. So what to make of consumers who are willing to pay handsomely to be spied upon?

Australian pirates made Netflix cheaper

Flying the flag: Netflix suggests high rates of piracy in Australia gave us a better deal on pricing.

Hannah Francis   US streaming service Netflix says it's winning the fight against online piracy, but sends a curious message on pricing.

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Sony lobbied Netflix to stop Aussie VPN users, leak shows

A leaked email from a Sony executive suggests Netflix US is unwilling to close its back door to overseas users.

Tim Biggs   An email published by WikiLeaks shows Sony executive Keith Le Goy complained people sneaking into the United States Netflix service is "another form of piracy".

Uber turns to customers, Twitter in Victorian taxi fight

Uber vs taxis: the fight steps up in Victoria.

Hannah Francis   The controversial ride-sharing service has stepped up its campaign ahead of a key forum on industry reform.


Twitter out to crack down on abusive tweets

Twitter is out to crack down on abuse and intimidating trolls.

Glenn Chapman   Social media platform's response to abuse has been 'inexcusably slow' and 'too meager', Twitter general counsel says.


Netflix regrets unmetered data deals with Optus, iiNet

Netflix hints it won't be making any more unmetered data deals with Australian ISPs.

Hannah Francis   The US streaming service talks up net neutrality, says unmetered data deals with Australian telcos are 'unfair'.

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Digital life

The next pill you swallow might have a computer chip in it

Illustration: Mick Connolly.

Drew Turney   It may take more than a spoonful of sugar to make the public accept the idea of swallowing a tiny computer that reports on their health.

The record is clear: vinyl is cool but MP3s rule

Vinyl rules at 78 Records in Perth.

Andrew Masterson   Old-fashioned vinyl records still sound best, but the convenience of downloaded individual songs have made them the fans' faves.

Net tightens on illicit downloaders

<i>Dallas Buyers Club</i>: The new piracy code does not expressly forbid the use of 'speculative invoicing' in the future.

Adam Turner   Against the background of the Dallas Buyers Club ruling and new metadata retention laws, Australia's anti-piracy code is taking shape.


Dallas Buyers Club tells pirates to 'name their price'

Dallas Buyers Club LLC seems to have changed tack on how to collect money for piracy.

Hannah Francis and Ben Grubb   Pirate downloaders in Singapore are being asked to cough up – and it may happen in Australia too.

Splendour in the Grass bans selfie sticks

Tourists making use of a selfie stick last New Year's Eve in Sydney.

Danielle McGrane   The annual Australian music festival is the latest to add selfie sticks to its list of banned items.

How Periscope plans to tackle abuse

Periscope co-founder Kayvon Beykpour in San Francisco.

Josephine Tovey   The new live-streaming app Periscope has taken action against "thousands" of users for harassing or abusive behaviour, one of its founders says, amid criticism it is the latest social media platform where women in particular are subjected to leering comments and abuse.


Chess grandmaster used iPhone hidden in toilet cubicle to cheat during tournament

Gaioz Nigalidze’s match sheet and confiscated iPhone.

Michael E. Miller   The scandal is a nightmare scenario for chess: proof that technologically enabled cheating, long rumoured, is now pervasive.


The Reddit game that has the internet contemplating fear and death

The Button: Each user can only ever click once, and each click resets the timer back to 60. Eventually, there will be no users left to keep time from running out.

Caitlin Dewey   When Reddit launched "The Button" almost two weeks ago, the game was billed as some kind of April Fool's joke. It doesn't seem so funny now.

'Instagram for doctors' offers medical 'porn' for public

An x-ray of a young male patient who swallowed a coin.

Kate Aubusson   A new wave of apps is making it easier for medical professionals to capture and share images of their patients' ailments.


Video: Chimpanzees take down, destroy drone


Tim Biggs   While the world's top human scientists, philosophers and futurists are pushing for urgent debate and law reform to deal with the real possibility that we will be eradicated or fundamentally changed by the development of hyper-intelligent robots, some of our primate cousins are stepping in to take a more direct approach.

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Facebook pulls video of Aboriginal women for nudity

A still from the ABC clip which Facebook removed.

Kate Aubusson   Facebook has pulled a TV trailer featuring Aboriginal women painted in ochre for a traditional ceremony over its display of nudity.

Five good reasons NOT to pirate the leaked Game of Thrones episodes

Season 5 of <i>Game of Thrones</i> can be obtained legally.

Hannah Francis   Four episodes from the much anticipated Season Five of HBO's Game of Thrones leaked overnight - but think twice before torrenting.

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