BitTorrent, used by pirates, offers to distribute pulled Sony film The Interview

Hannah Francis 5:50 PM   The file-sharing platform claims to be "the best" way for Sony to release its film in the wake of terror threats.

Internet experts predict privacy will be a luxury by 2025

Experts believe the exchange of personal data for online conveniences will soon erode today's notions of privacy.

Hannah Francis 5:34 PM   Exchanging personal data for online convenience is eroding current notions of privacy.


Where now for the pirates?

The Pirate Bay has parked itself at after was shut down.

Hannah Francis 9:56 AM   The world's most notorious file-sharing site was recently shut down. But that's not where it ends.


Perth magistrate taken off case after Googling details

Court generic thumbnail

A Perth magistrate has been taken off a case because she Googled information about it during a trial.


2014's 10 worst internet hoaxes

No, Vladimir Putin was not pooped on by a bird while giving a speech, it was just one of this year's ridiculous viral hoaxes.

Caitlin Dewey   If 2013 was "the year of the viral hoax," what then should we call 2014 - a year slightly older, slightly wiser, and even more full of moronic shenanigans?

Ask Him Anything, It's Free

Joaquin Phoenix falls for his operating system Samantha in<i> Her</i>.

ALEX WILLIAMS 12:15 AM   A New York software developer has transformed himself into a postmodern advice columnist for the app age thanks to a free, single-function smartphone app.

Customers left in lurch as telcos bungle NBN switch

Some customers were left without a landline or NBN connection in the September quarter.

Hannah Francis   Telstra admits to processing errors that left some customers without landlines or internet.

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Apple defeats iPod antitrust suit 10 years in the making

Apple CEO Steve Jobs holds up the new iPod Nano after it introducing in September 2005.

Brian X. Chen   A jury has decided that Apple did not use software to block songs sold by competing music stores from playing on the iPod so that it could secure a monopoly over the digital music market.

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Sport and tragedy top Google searches in 2014

Popular for the wrong reasons? Jennifer Lawrence topped celebrity searches on Google in 2014.

Hannah Francis   Our search habits are changing alongside the technology that helps us do it.


Telstra fined $100,000 over iPhone 6 advertisement

The advertisement that got Telstra fined.

Ben Grubb   Telstra has paid a penalty of $102,000 following the issue of an infringement notice by the competition regulator in relation to a recent iPhone 6 advertisement.

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Outrage over $100 fares amid Sydney siege prompts Uber to offer free rides

One Uber user reported $100 being the minimum fare.

Ben Grubb   Taxi and private hire car app Uber will offer free rides out of Sydney's CBD on Monday following criticism for charging passengers more than four times the usual rate while a siege is underway at Martin Place and the city is in lockdown.

Anonymous targets Swedish government for shutting down Pirate Bay

Rival torrent-sharing site Isohunt has launched a lookalike site following the closure of The Pirate Bay.

Hannah Francis   More Pirate Bay replicas pop up, but the official site is nowhere to be seen.


China's e-cigarette boom largely unregulated, may pose health risks

A worker tests e-cigarettes just off the production line at Joyetech, one of hundreds of such producers in Shenzhen, China.

David Barboza   Chinese manufacturers are expected to export more than 300 million e-cigarettes this year, but initial confusion over how to categorise the new products means there is virtually no regulatory oversight of a chaotic industry rife with counterfeiting.

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How we kill sleep, one screen at a time

The Sinnico family.

Amy Corderoy   Bedrooms are supposed to be a place of temptation. But it seems Australians are succumbing to a temptation of a different kind, with almost half of us unable to resist the urge to take laptops and other electronic devices into bed with us - setting ourselves up for a bad night's sleep.

The perfect shot is just a stick away

Great trick:  Alex Kyling and Linda Keizer use a selfie stick at the Opera House.

Peter Munro   "Selfie sticks" - an extendable pole for taking endless photos of you and you and you are the newest craze in the selfie economy.

Online pirates hit choppy seas

<i>Illustration: John Shakespeare</i>.

Matthew Knott   While measures can be taken against online pirates, experts warn there will be consequences.


Google News to go dark in Spain over copyright fees

"Unsustainable": Google will no longer provide Google News - which does not display advertising - in Spain.

Eric Auchard   Google said it plans to close its news-linking service in Spain in response to legislation under which publishers will soon be able to force internet sites to pay for re-publishing headlines or snippets of news.

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Piracy-blocking scheme 'not a filter'

Don't call Malcolm Turnbull's site-blocking scheme a filter.

Ben Grubb   When is an internet filter not an internet filter? When Turnbull says so.

Women in tech

Pinterest engineer codes to close the Silicon Valley gender gap

Pinterest engineer Tracy Chou in Melbourne.

Hannah Francis   Software engineering is about to face a serious skills shortage, and Tracy Chou knows where to find the right candidates.

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'Feels good': Pirate Bay co-founder celebrates its demise

Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde is happy about the site's demise.

Hannah Francis   The Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde has declared it "feels good" the site may have been shut down forever as a result of Tuesday's police raid in Sweden.