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Philippines typhoon victims show what it means to be Happy

The music video of Pharrell Williams' number one hit Happy has spawned dozens of YouTube imitations. Now even survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines have made one.

The remarkable footage features Filipinos dancing through wreckage-strewn streets while miming the song.

In the original, Pharrell Williams and dozens of others mime the song while dancing through Los Angeles.

So far the video has attracted 62,000 hits and 151 comments, which have covered the gamut from praise to derision.

"While the intention of the video is good, I fear that showcasing "happy" survivors creates this false and complacent feeling that everything is okay or heading towards it," said Youtube user Avid Liongoren. "It's not, the government still has much to do and answer for. This "happy" Filipino mentality is what the corrupt politicians take advantage of all the time."

Fellow user "Coolitiz" was more positive.

"Yes, us Filipinos are a very resilient bunch. Nothing can bring us down... I do admit that we use laughter to mask our sadness but we do also know that we must keep calm and carry on. Onwards & upwards!"

Users from cities around the world have made their own versions of Happy and posted them on YouTube.

Happy was released in December and topped charts around the world.