Just Dance 2016 review: a really fun game to boogie to that lacks current music

Ben Grubb 1:57 PM   I am a hot, sweaty mess. Why? Because I've just finished dancing (yes, dancing) to Demi Lovato's "Cool For The Summer".

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PlayStation 2 games coming to PlayStation 4

PS4 controller

Keegan Thomson   Gamers rejoice at news Sony is working on a way to play PlayStation 2 games work on PlayStation 4.

Fallout 4 wearable Pip-Boy review

By your side: The Pip-Boy interface as it appears in-game in Fallout 4.

Matt Bungard   The latest game in the Fallout series comes with a revolutionary piece of optional hardware. But is it practical, or just for show?


The biggest flaw in Star Wars Battlefront 2015

Star Wars Battlefront AT-AT

Samuel Roberts   The latest edition of the Battlefront series falls short of its predecessors in almost every way.


Aussie student game projects fast-tracked to PlayStation 4

Big Paw Games' Robert Christian with <i>Rumble Academy</i> at PAX.

Tim Biggs   Australia's up and coming video game designers have been given a boost, with a handful of games selected for a program which will see them published alongside blockbuster titles on PlayStation 4.

Paris attacks: fears terrorists may have used Sony PlayStation to communicate

Security experts say some games provide a place to hide non-verbal messages.

Hannah Francis   Belgian security and home affairs minister says the gaming console is difficult for authorities to monitor.

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Xbox One finally finds its feet, adds support for Xbox 360 games

The Xbox One has made quite a turnaround since its 2013 launch.

Tim Biggs   Biggest software update yet completes console's transition from clunky entertainment machine to smart, snappy video game system.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is a carnival of guns and confusion

Fan favourite zombie modes return in <i>Black Ops 3</i>.

Michael Thomsen   Latest game a grand and gaudy spectacle of incoherence that will likely be difficult to remember, but was a sight to see while it lasted.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual hugs? Yes please

The Tesla Suit is designed to work with virtual reality for an immersive, tactile experience.

Hannah Francis   A UK studio has developed a prototype suit that gives all-over body touch sensations, and is compatible with virtual reality.

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Fallout 4: what 2015's biggest game is all about

Vault Boy is the mascot of the Vault-Tec corporation in the games, and also of the <i>Fallout</i> games. You may have seen him recently on buses, billboards, or even the stairs of Southern Cross Station.

Tim Biggs   Get ready to go home to the wasteland, or visit for the very first time.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider review

At the beginning of <i>Rise of the Tomb Raider</i>, Lara is struggling to get back into normal life after her ordeal.

Tim Biggs   Tomb Raider and Lara Croft have come a long away, and this new game is arguably the most fun the series has ever been.

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Review: Can this $200 Xbox controller tempt you?

The Xbox Elite Wireless controller.

Tim Biggs   Review: If you play to win, or play every day, this premium controller with interchangeable parts could be for you.

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Activision to buy Candy Crush maker for $8.1 billion

Candy Crush Saga.

Video game maker Activision Blizzard says it will buy Candy Crush Saga creator King Digital Entertainment for $US5.9 billion ($8.1b) to strengthen its games portfolio.

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The retro values that hook today's casual game players

Frogger game arcade screen shot.
Source: Wikipedia.
Pub date: Nov 8, 2015.
M Mag.

Adam Turner   Chances are your favourite new games of 2016 will look strangely familiar, as Melbourne indie game developers lead the retro gaming revival.

Apple TV brings casual games to the lounge room

Apple's new streaming media appliance may be called Apple TV but it's much more than an upgrade of its earlier device.

Adam Turner   Next year you might play your favourite game on the television, even if you've never been interested in games consoles before.


Nintendo's first ever mobile game is coming next year

Miitomo, Nintendo's very first smartphone game, allows players to create avatars and interact with others.

Andrea Chang and David Pierson   The veteran games company finally moves into the 21st century. Super Mario fans, read on.

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Virtual reality is about to rock your world

Sony's PlayStation VR headset.

Ben Grubb   Early VR headsets had a catch that prevented them from going big. Things have changed.

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HTC Vive hands on review

The HTC Vive VR headset.

Ben Grubb   HTC Vive, the virtual reality headset, is a cracker. But is it as good as its main rivals?

Halo 5: Guardians is best with friends

The Master Chief returns in Halo 5, but he's a supporting character.

Tim Biggs   After popularising the console shooter and almost single-handedly moving the genre (and the whole of the casual video game space) online, Halo is a game from which, fairly or not, we expect big things.

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A rollercoaster in your living room? Meet the MM One Project

The MM One Project

Ben Grubb   Fancy a rollercoaster-like experience in your living room?