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Clockwise from top left: Meeting new water Pokemon Popplio; a powerful Totem version of Alolan Raticate; exploring a ...

A new dawn in Pokemon Sun and Moon

The popular handheld series has shed a lot of the baggage that was making it feel stale after 20 years, while hanging on to everything that's made it so beloved for so long.

Sun, sand and subterfuge in Watch Dogs 2

Bright and playful, <i>Watch Dogs 2</i> is a hacker's paradise.

While the first Watch Dogs was a great core concept hurt by the dreary Chicago setting and insufferably morose main character, the sequel realises its full potential by taking itself much less seriously.

Dishonored 2 review: swords and sneakery


Each moment in this cerebral, dark adventure is a dilemma between sneaking around undetected or hitting your enemies head on and adding to the pestilent body count.

Review: PlayStation 4 gets powered up

Twice the GPU power, bumped up CPU, same PS4 games.

Bigger, heavier and ever so slightly louder than its predecessor, the PlayStation 4 Pro marks a turning point for video game home consoles as, for the first time, a significantly more powerful machine is being introduced without jumping to a new generation.

What's going on with Nintendo's Mini NES?


With a competitive price, a nostalgia-evoking premise and a near-Christmas release date, this seemed like a shoo-in for best-selling tech gift of the holidays. But you can't buy it anywhere.

All the Australian Game Developer Awards winners

<i>Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise</i> took out several awards.

On Wednesday night, the country's game dev community came together for the 2016 Australian Game Developer Awards, a celebration of the talent that local artists, composers and coders have poured into homegrown titles in the last 12 months. Here are this year's winners.

Reams of fun with arts and papercraft

Paper Mario exists in a world of cardboard and crafts.

Releasing into an end-of-year games rush lousy with first-person shooters and other gritty fare, Paper Mario: Color Splash is a charming, genuinely funny palate cleanser.

4 questions Nintendo needs to answer about Switch

The Switch console is pictured here in its TV dock. The left and right controller modules, pictured here attached to the ...

Nintendo unveiled its brand new games console, Switch, in a brief video overnight, and so far the reception from pundits and the internet has been overwhelmingly positive. But there are questions to be answered.

PlayStation VR review: virtual reality for the masses

The PSVR features several lights which allow the camera to track your precise movements.

Today Sony has launched the PlayStation VR, a futuristic-looking device that – while it might not deliver the crystal-clear alternative world experiences of our dreams – could be the first virtual reality system to really take off with mainstream gamers.