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Paper Mario exists in a world of cardboard and crafts.

Reams of fun with arts and papercraft

Releasing into an end-of-year games rush lousy with first-person shooters and other gritty fare, Paper Mario: Color Splash is a charming, genuinely funny palate cleanser.

4 questions Nintendo needs to answer about Switch

The Switch console is pictured here in its TV dock. The left and right controller modules, pictured here attached to the ...

Nintendo unveiled its brand new games console, Switch, in a brief video overnight, and so far the reception from pundits and the internet has been overwhelmingly positive. But there are questions to be answered.

PlayStation VR review: virtual reality for the masses

The PSVR features several lights which allow the camera to track your precise movements.

Today Sony has launched the PlayStation VR, a futuristic-looking device that – while it might not deliver the crystal-clear alternative world experiences of our dreams – could be the first virtual reality system to really take off with mainstream gamers.

What the PlayStation 4 Pro is all about

Sony's new PlayStation 4 Pro plays the same games as the regular PS4, but will make many of them look better.

Sony has announced two new versions of its PlayStation 4 will release this year, including one with greater graphical capabilities than the standard console, but is it worth your while to upgrade?

Party like it's 1999 in Worms W.M.D

Old meets new: Banana bombs and mechs in Worms W.M.D.

20-year-old PC franchise has struggled in the last decade and a half to produce a game its fans would rather play than 1999's Worms: Armageddon. But this may be it.

Unannounced slim PS4 appears in online video

The supposed new PS4 that appeared online.

On September 7, Sony is expected to announce two new models of the PlayStation 4. They should only bother announcing one, because the Slim looks like it's already well and truly out there.

Sesame Street Fighter is today's best time waster

Each fighter has a favourite topic and a different spelling level, which affects how long and difficult its words are.

If you're desperately looking for any reason to waste time at work today that doesn't involve watching the Olympics, then let me introduce you to Sesame Street Fighter. It's Street Fighter in your browser, but with Sesame Street characters, Russian cities and German scientists. No, really.