Your Turn: A brief history of Sony and the PlayStation

Screen Play reader Andrew Yoshimura We're having a double-dose of user-submitted articles today, starting with the latest in Andrew Yoshimura's series profiling the major players in video game history.

Friday Question: What are your favourite "breaking the fourth wall" moments?

metal gear solid psycho mantis

James Dominguez Every now and then a character in a video game makes it clear that they know that their world is just someone else's entertainment. What are your favourite moments?

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Designing the end of the world: The Last of Us interview

the last of us clicker joel

James Dominguez Screen Play recently had the opportunity to talk to game designer Ricky Cambier about the thought processes behind the hit game The Last of Us.

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Friday Question: What are the best games nobody played?

beyond good & evil jade

James Dominguez Every now and then, we stumble across an obscure game that nobody else seemed to have discovered. Which hidden gem is your favourite?

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Games that make your handhelds worthwhile

fire emblem awakening

James Dominguez The Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita have both taken time to build up momentum. However, both systems have some great games that make them worth owning.

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Your Turn: Did I Just Play That?

Warhammer: Space Marine

Screenplay reader Jeremy Coote Jeremy ‘BlindSquirrel’ Coote presents us with the conundrum of games that play themselves

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Your Turn: The scarcity of Japanese role-playing games

chocobo final fantasy

Screen Play reader Corey Lee Japanese RPGs are becoming a rarity on today's video game consoles, and reader Corey Lee is not happy about it.

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Screenshot jigsaw puzzle #10

question block

James Dominguez Friday, jigsaw, screenshot, you know the drill.

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Rock Band Blitz: No instruments required

Rock Band Bliz

Jason Hill Whether you are a Rock Band veteran with a huge collection of songs or a newcomer to the music game genre, Blitz is good fun and good value.

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Your Turn: The Genre Comfort Zone

bioshock big daddy

Screen Play reader Stephen Foote Reader Stephen Foote discusses how trying unfamiliar genres can open our minds up to new gaming possibilities.

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F1 2012 contest winners

f1 2012

James Dominguez Earlier in the week readers were invited to submit their video game driving stories to win a copy of F1 2012. Here are some of the best entries.

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Your Turn: I hope the next game has character

Solid Snake MGS

Screen Play reader Nathan Sereda A great hero needs a great villain to fight against, and reader Nathaniel Sereda is hoping that the next Metal Gear Solid will deliver.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013: Back in the game

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Jason Hill Konami's Pro Evolution is back as a genuine contender for the soccer simulation championship thanks to a radical improvement in the feel of the game.

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From Overstrike to Fuse - how to ruin a promising new IP

insomniac fuse

James Dominguez Last year, Overstrike was revealed as a fun action title with distinctive visual style; now it looks like every other shooter on the market.

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Building playgrounds of death

Hitman: Absolution

James Dominguez Roberto Marchesi, Art Director on Hitman Absolution, talked to Screen Play about how the highly anticipated sequel took shape.

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Your Turn: From one generation to the next?

wii u box

Screen Play reader Corey Lee With the Wii U launching here next week, reader Corey Lee questions whether the start of a new generation is premature.

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Sony fuels PlayStation 4 rumours

PlayStation 3.

Japanese electronics giant Sony said it has stopped producing its PlayStation 2 consoles in Japan, fuelling online rumours a PlayStation 4 is in the pipeline.

Tuesday Newsday: Controversy, bankruptcy, and shiny new toys


James Dominguez Welcome to 2013 on Screen Play Blog! Let's kick off the year by looking at some of the news we missed while we were away.

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Your Turn: The greatest gaming system of all time


Screen Play reader Andrew Marshall The votes are in and have been counted. It's time to reveal what the Screen Play community believes is the greatest gaming system of all time...

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E3 2012 talking points

E3 banner

Jason Hill The video gaming industry's biggest event of the year has come and gone, and there's plenty to talk about. Here's our Top 10 talking points from the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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