Screenplay on PS3


Infamous Second Son: Powerful

Jason Hill The lively Second Son clearly has ambitions to be more serious than the PlayStation 3 Infamous games.

Luftrausers: Fly, shoot, die, repeat


James Dominguez Luftrausers, from popular Dutch indie studio Vlambeer, offers intense, bite-sized gaming that keeps you saying "one more game!"

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Caption This! #16

post-it notes

James Dominguez DexX has been playing, eating, drinking, and sleeping Dark Souls II for a week now, so that's what we're captioning today.

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Friday Question: What would it take to make you go next-gen?

elder scrolls online

James Dominguez The new Xbox and PlayStation are out, but both lack compelling games. What would it take to convince you to buy one?

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Exploring the future of Dracula in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

James Dominguez 2010's Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was a reboot for the almost 30 year old series, and soon its sequel will arrive. DexX spoke to the guy in charge of the project.

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What drought? February and March packed with game releases

south park the stick of truth

James Dominguez The traditionally quiet January-to-April period, when we usually catch up on last year's games, will be packed with releases this year.

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Gran Turismo 6 vs Forza 5

Gran Turismo 6

Jason Hill How does Gran Turismo 6 on PlayStation 3 measure up against Forza Motorsport 5 on the more powerful Xbox One platform?

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Thief: Staying true to a classic while evolving into something new

thief garrett

James Dominguez DexX recently spoke with the director of the team reviving the classic Thief, and learned about the balancing act they are performing.

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Screen Play awards: Older game we're still playing

elder scrolls skyrim

James Dominguez While many great games were released in 2013, there are some old favourites from previous years we still can't put down.

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Screen Play awards: Most anticipated game not released this year

the last guardian

James Dominguez Many amazing games were released in 2013, but some that we have been waiting a long time for did not show up. Which are you saddest about?

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The real console war begins in March 2014

watch dogs

James Dominguez The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have ostensibly begun their battle, but the real fight doesn't begin until March next year.

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Tuesday Newsday: PS4 worldwide launch, open world Star Wars, and a cricket game disaster

ashes cricket 2013

James Dominguez Sales figures are still coming in, but the PS4's rest-of-the-world launch was impressive. In other news, EA rumoured to be working on an open world Star Wars game, and a Melbourne studio's disastrous...

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PlayStation 4: Power and potential

playstation 4 ps4 dual shock 4 dualshock 4

Jason Hill For the new PlayStation 4, Sony has learned from its mistakes, but we'll have to be patient before we can enjoy the benefits...

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Next-gen showdown: PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One

xbox one Playstation 4 ps4 xbone xb1

James Dominguez Never before have two video game consoles been released so close together. Which one deserves your money more?

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Hands-on with the PlayStation 4

playstation 4 ps4 dual shock 4 dualshock 4

James Dominguez On sale tomorrow, the PlayStation 4 is a smooth, polished piece of hardware, but some missing features and a lacklustre game library hold it back from perfection.

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PlayStation 4 launch: Resogun vs Contrast

contrast ps4

James Dominguez On launch day, the PlayStation 4 will have two high profile exclusive download-only games: Resogun and Contrast. How do they compare?

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Tuesday Newsday: Xbox One launch also tops a million, and John Carmack quits Id.

john carmack oculus rift

James Dominguez The Xbox One has cracked a million day one sales too, John Carmack quits Id Software, and TrackMania turns ten, plus even more news.

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Xbox One: Only the beginning

Microsoft Xbox One

Jason Hill Although there’s no compelling reason to rush to upgrade just yet, Xbox One is a quality machine.

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Tuesday Newsday: PS4 sells a million on day one in US

thespacegame the space game ascent

James Dominguez The PlayStation 4 launched in North America last Friday, and sold a million units in a single day. Other news pales in comparison.

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Tuesday Newsday: BlizzCon news, Xbox One out early, and video game rating review controversy

r18+ 18 r rating

James Dominguez BlizzCon dropped a pile of news about new World of Warcraft content, Target posts out some Xbox Ones early, and Classification Review Board announces controversial mass review.

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