PSP Go plays the memory game

While primarily still a gaming console, the new PSP Go is aimed at people who regularly download and consume their entertainment digitally, including music, photos, movies and games, on the move.


Hands-on with the PlayStation 4

playstation 4 ps4 dual shock 4 dualshock 4

James Dominguez On sale tomorrow, the PlayStation 4 is a smooth, polished piece of hardware, but some missing features and a lacklustre game library hold it back from perfection.

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Your Turn: A brief history of Sony and the PlayStation

gran turismo

Screen Play reader Andrew Yoshimura We're having a double-dose of user-submitted articles today, starting with the latest in Andrew Yoshimura's series profiling the major players in video game history.

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Your Turn: Swings and roundabouts, sequels and reboots

the last of us

Screen Play reader Corey Lee It's a double-dose of user-submitted writing today on Screen Play, beginning with Corey Lee's plea to game publishers to give us something new and stop relying so much on established properties.

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PlayStation Vita TV: consoles just got smarter

A model holds a Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) portable video game player at the Tokyo Game Show 2013 in Chiba, Japan, on Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013. The Tokyo Game Show runs till Sept. 22. Photographer: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg

Adam Turner The PS Vita TV will be a draw for home-entertainment lovers in the battle for console supremacy.

Indie review: Fish Out of Water

fish out of water olympus

James Dominguez Following the great success of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, will Halfbrick's new game, Fish Out of Water, to be another big hit? Here is DexX's opinion.

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Your Turn: May winner

PS Vita

James Dominguez In the rush of E3 preparations, Your Turn judging slipped back a little. It's a bit late, but here is the winner for May.

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What would convince you to buy a PS Vita?

James Dominguez New sales data has revealed that Sony's shiny new handheld is selling poorly, and a lacklustre game library is probably to blame.

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Your Turn: The scarcity of Japanese role-playing games

chocobo final fantasy

Screen Play reader Corey Lee Japanese RPGs are becoming a rarity on today's video game consoles, and reader Corey Lee is not happy about it.

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Theme and variation - the new strain of music games

bit trip runner commander video

James Dominguez Two years after plastic guitar games were booed off the stage, music and rhythm games have cleaned up their act and started making a comeback.

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Tetsuya Mizuguchi, child of art and technology

space channel 5

James Dominguez Tetsuya Mizuguchi is video gaming's arthouse director, a creative visionary who chases new forms of expression rather than lucrative business models.

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Your Turn: I hope the next game has character

Solid Snake MGS

Screen Play reader Nathan Sereda A great hero needs a great villain to fight against, and reader Nathaniel Sereda is hoping that the next Metal Gear Solid will deliver.

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Your Turn: Screen Play of Shame

borderlands 2

Screen Play reader Steve Smoothy A few weeks ago, reader Smoolander listed his "stack of shame", his pile of unfinished games, and invited other readers to confess. Today, we find out which games were the most shameful.

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Your Turn March winner

The PlayStation Vita.

James Dominguez Once again it is time to announce the Your Turn winner for the past month, but March also marks a very special anniversary.

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Split Screen: Have you seen this physicist?

HL2 head crab

James Dominguez Missing: One theoretical physicist, answers to the name of Gordon, last seen outside City 17 five years ago. If found, please call DexX immediately.

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Split Screen: Exactly what the Vita needs?

Gravity Rush thumb

James Dominguez With the PlayStation Vita struggling to sell units, Gravity Rush might be exactly what the ailing handheld desperately needs, writes DexX.

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Split Screen: Perception of value


James "DexX" Dominguez Does the amount you pay for a game change your perception of how worthwhile it is?

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Hands on with Vita #2


Jason Hill It should be of little surprise that a device with so many features is big. But you will definitely be surprised at how large Vita is.

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Hands on: PS Vita

Calum Wilson Austin Questionable battery life and pricing means the PS Vita will have its work cut out for it competing with the already established Nintendo 3DS, writes Calum Wilson Austin in his hands on preview.

Hands on with Vita #5

PlayStation Vita

Jason Hill Battery life is a major concern for any mobile gadget user. How does the Vita stack up?

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