Good news from the Old World for strategy fans

James Dominguez Video games of dark fantasy property Warhammer will now be made by Creative Assembly.

Vote: Best strategy game of 2012

best strategy game 2012

James Dominguez Pickings were slim this year for strategy fans, but there were some gems to be found. Which was your favourite?

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Aussies get Hearthstone iOS before the rest of the world


James Dominguez Blizzard's free-to-play Warcraft-themed card card is available for iPad right now in Australia and New Zealand.

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Friday Question: What game types do you still want to see on touch screens?


James Dominguez Touch screen gaming on iPads and Android tablets has become a serious business. Which genres do you think could benefit from a touch interface?

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How Facebook became an online games giant

Sophie Curtis How do you build the games that are dominating mobile, played by every commuter waiting for a bus and by every teenager while they're also watching TV?

Wolfenstein The New Order: A new kind of old-school shooter

wolfensteing new world order deathshead

James Dominguez Wolfenstein is the game that kicked off the shooter craze over 20 years ago. Now it's coming back, and it's learned some new tricks.

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OlliOlli: Grinding made fun

OlliOlli for Vita

Jason Hill 15 years after Tony Hawk's first virtual ollie on PlayStation, a new dog learns a new trick...

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Peggle 2: Ode to Joy

Peggle 2

Jason Hill It's been seven years since casual gaming specialists PopCap released the ball-bouncing gem Peggle to huge critical and commercial success...

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Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 are playing to win

Microsoft Xbox One

Adam Turner The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are vying for pride of place in Australian lounges.


Sony monitors PlayStation issues as sales top 1m

PlayStation 4's lead system architect Mark Cerny holds a gaming control device during the unveiling of the PlayStation 4 launch event in New York.

Sony has sold more than 1 million PlayStation 4 consoles in North America during the first 24 hours of sales

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Your Turn: 20,000 hexes under the sea

angler fish finding nemo

Your Turn reader Sam Spackman Today reader Sam Spackman presents an entertaining exploration - literally - of the vast range of war games.

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Screen Play awards: Most pleasant surprise

skylanders swap force

James Dominguez Despite the hype, now and then a game will come out of nowhere and blow us away. Which was the most pleasantly surprising game you played this year?

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The best video games of 2013

stanley parable

James Dominguez The community has had their say, but now it's DexX's turn to list his picks for the best games of 2013.

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Jorge Yao was master of his virtual domain in Clash of Clans

Matt Bai If you live in a certain tablet-based demographic, chances are someone you see in daily life is secretly raiding villages under a screen name like "King of Secaucus" or "Bob the Skullcrusher".

Touch review: XCOM Enemy Unknown iOS edition

xcom enemy unknown

James Dominguez XCOM Enemy Unknown has arrived on Apple touch devices in all its squad-murdering glory, though it has a hefty price to match.

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Another look at game-to-movie adaptations

rabbids ubisoft

James Dominguez Ubisoft is reportedly ploughing ahead with its plans to make films of many of its game properties. Can this plan work?

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Your Turn: A brief history of Sega

sega dreamcast

Screen Play reader Andrew Yoshimura Regular Your Turn contributor Andrew Yoshimura compiled a fascinating history of Nintendo last month. Now it's the hedgehog's turn.

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As jobs vanish, gamers go to plan B

Paddy Wood Video game developer Brent Waller is packing up the last of his belongings at SEGA studios in Brisbane.

Gaming by the book: Why aren't more video games based on novels?

night watch

James Dominguez Literature is the deepest well of cultural content, but it also the one tapped least often by video games.

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Friday Question: What's the big idea?

Shadow of the Colossus

James Dominguez Some of our favourite games are not perfectly designed or flawlessly executed, but we love them because of the unique ideas they are built around.

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