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Friday question: What is your gaming comfort food?

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As you've probably noticed, the regular Friday jigsaw puzzle has finally returned. The Friday question was originally conceived as a conversation starter to fill the jigsaw void, but I've been enjoying your responses so much I have decided to keep it.

Today, I want to talk about your video gaming "comfort food". Despite our ever-growing Stacks of Shame, most of us have at least one old favourite that we like to go back and replay from time to time, or at the very least wish we could replay if only we had the time. I call it "comfort food" because, for me, these games are like settling into something comfortable and familiar and just chilling out.

Back before I became a video games journalist, I used to replay the entire Half-Life series from beginning to end at least once a year. It all started when Half-Life 2 was released. In order to prepare myself for what I assumed would be a huge gaming event, I played the original Half-Life plus its two expansions, Opposing Force and Blue Shift.

Later, when the first episodic Half-Life 2 expansion came out, I replayed the whole series again, and I did the same yet again when Episode 2 was released. I couldn't tell you how many times I have completed the original Half-Life and its expansions, but it must be at least five times. That train ride at the start felt like being greeted by an old friend.

These days I have far too many games that must be played and reviewed, so I can't afford the luxury of replaying my old favourites. As such, my last taste of Half-Life was the fan-made Black Mesa mod, a high-definition recreation of the original game.

The problem is that I've now picked up another game that I regularly replay, though thankfully it's quite short. That Game Company's incredible masterpiece Journey keeps me coming back over and over again. It's one of my favourite games of all time, and I can never go for longer than six months or so without sitting down for three or four hours and playing it through again. It never gets boring, and I always discover something new.


Apart from these, I have a long list of games that I'd love to replay if I had the time. Some of the games on my wishlist include: The Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series, especially Jedi Outcast, the original Bioshock, the Thief series, Dishonored, and Fallout 3.

Over to you, readers. Do you have games that you replay periodically? Are there some that you would love to replay if you could just fine the time? Are there still others that you are afraid to replay in case they aren't as good as you remember?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

 - James "DexX" Dominguez

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