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Joe Danger Touch: Wheelie good

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Tubby stuntman Joe Danger has no fear. He happily leaps over shark-filled tanks, hurtles over loops at top speed, and smiles as he narrowly misses spinning blades. He even manages to keep smiling while wearing a chicken suit.

The hugely entertaining, fast-paced Joe Danger Touch is now available on the App Store for just $2.99.

Rather than a lazy port of the Joe Danger games that have entertained PS3 and Xbox 360 owners, Touch is a game has been thoughtfully designed to suit touch-screen devices.

Players tap to make Joe jump, tap again for a double jump, or hold down to duck under items like pipes and gates.

Joe can also perform point-scoring tricks like wheelies, somersaults and backflips.

Performing crazy combinations of tricks is the secret to climbing the high score tables, but it becomes increasingly challenging as the 50-plus levels are increasingly filled with obstacles that require split-second reactions to avoid.


The latter levels are extremely tense and demanding, with players needing to perform a strict series of perfectly-timed jumps while also ducking and dodging obstacles, changing lanes, trying to collect bonuses and performing stunt combos.

While the difficulty becomes high and some levels require rote memorisation, frustration is reasonably rare as repeating stages over and over again is actually fun and beating your best scores hugely satisfying.

The bonus missions are also a lot of fun, with challenges like having to collect every coin or beat a rival racer, while other rewards include new costumes and characters. You can also send challenges to your mates via GameCentre.

The only sour taste is that even the most skilful player is at a big disadvantage when competing on high score tables if they haven’t unlocked (or purchased) the final “Golden Joe” playable character which offers huge score bonuses. But don’t let that stop you grabbing the game and having a lot of fun.

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- Jason Hill

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