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Your Turn: Don't feed the trolls

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Today’s YourTurn is brought to you by the letter GG . . . or was that QQ?

Ahh, the online multiplayer games. So many to choose from, so many different varieties of games and from this there is always the lovely civilised chatter from gamers such as “NS [name]” for a nice shot to the head, or “WTF haxx0r” for WOW how did you do that?.  Gamers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours so everyone will have a differing opinion about something or a tendency to love annoying others having a good time, I think this is so common on certain games because it’s so easy to hide behind a keyboard.  I know this isn’t just related to games all types of forums have their trolls who love anonymity.

Personally I must admit to feeding a few trolls whilst gaming - which is exactly what they want - but sometimes I was so insulted by what they were saying or typing I felt it necessary to speak up even though it was really just fuelling the fire.

So today I have a few questions to ask.

1.    Are you or have you ever been a troll? Please be honest.

2.    Is trolling only for young adolescents who aren’t in earshot of their parents?


3.    Have you ever stopped playing a game due to its online community?

For me when CS:Source introduced the mute player function I thought all my dreams had been answered. You can’t ignore their text, sadly, but the ability to block out someone's inane chatter or their awful music was such a welcome addition to the game it made a game that was sometimes intolerable to enjoyable. I know there was plenty of different servers for CS but when you found a good one so did many others.

I’m sure the WoW players here will remember “Barrens Chat” the Barrens was one of the busiest zones for the Horde in the game having players from about level 8-22 which meant in the early days of the game there were a lot of players running around asking the same questions about quests which lead to many conversations in the gutter! If you ever wanted to chat or be insulted this zone was for you; there was always someone there to give you the wrong answers to your questions.

Please chat amongst yourselves, but please refrain from feeding the trolls.

 - Ben “Lotion” Hayes

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