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Screen Play awards: Most anticipated game not released this year

James Dominguez Many amazing games were released in 2013, but some that we have been waiting a long time for did not show up. Which are you saddest about?

Screen Play awards: Most impressive technical achievement

assassin's creed iv black flag

James Dominguez Today Screen Play readers are voting on the most impressive technological achievement in video gaming this year.

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Super Mario 3D World: Still fun after all these years

super mario 3d world peach cat

James Dominguez Nintendo has honed their Mario formula to a fine edge, and while every game is immediately familiar, they still pack in enough new ideas to be worthwhile.

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Screen Play awards: New game most deserving of a sequel

remember me nilin

James Dominguez In contrast with tired old franchises, some new games have been released in the past year that deserve sequels. Which were your favourites?

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Screen Play awards: Most worn-out franchise

assassin's creed

James Dominguez In the first of Screen Play's reader-suggested award categories, today we welcome your nominations for the series that most badly needs to take a break.

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Tuesday Newsday: Bathurst street named after a game and Lindsay Lohan to sue over GTA V

gran turismo bathurst mount panorama

James Dominguez A street in Bathurst renamed in honour of Gran Turismo, Lindsay Lohan threatens to sue over her likeness in GTA V, Telltale to make Borderlands and Game of Thrones adventure games, and more.

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A Link Between Worlds: Artful


Jason Hill The latest Zelda is both a tribute and a sequel to one of the most cherished games of the past 25 years.

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Caption This! #7

post-it notes

James Dominguez Every Friday on Screen Play we like to write funny captions for an unusual image from a game. It's Mario's turn this week.

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Friday Question: What video game award categories would you like to see?

big rigs trophy you're winner

James Dominguez At the end of every year, everyone gives the same kinds of awards out. This year I want to try something different.

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The real console war begins in March 2014

watch dogs

James Dominguez The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have ostensibly begun their battle, but the real fight doesn't begin until March next year.

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Your Turn: November winner

PS Vita

James Dominguez Every month Screen Play publishes articles written by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable readership; it's time to announce the best from last month.

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The Razer Blade 14: Sexiest gaming laptop ever

razer blade 14

James Dominguez It may be the size of a general purpose netbook, but the Razer Blade 14 packs a huge amount of video gaming power into a very sleek package.

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Grand Theft Auto V - A finely tuned machine

gta v grand theft auto v

James Dominguez Grand Theft Auto V's story, themes, and characters mat not be subtle or pleasant, but it is a high watermark of technology and design.

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Tuesday Newsday: PS4 worldwide launch, open world Star Wars, and a cricket game disaster

ashes cricket 2013

James Dominguez Sales figures are still coming in, but the PS4's rest-of-the-world launch was impressive. In other news, EA rumoured to be working on an open world Star Wars game, and a Melbourne studio's disastrous...

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PlayStation 4: Power and potential

playstation 4 ps4 dual shock 4 dualshock 4

Jason Hill For the new PlayStation 4, Sony has learned from its mistakes, but we'll have to be patient before we can enjoy the benefits...

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Caption This! #6

post-it notes

James Dominguez Sick of the new console wars? Take a break and come have some fun writing funny captions.

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Next-gen showdown: PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One

xbox one Playstation 4 ps4 xbone xb1

James Dominguez Never before have two video game consoles been released so close together. Which one deserves your money more?

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Hands-on with the PlayStation 4

playstation 4 ps4 dual shock 4 dualshock 4

James Dominguez On sale tomorrow, the PlayStation 4 is a smooth, polished piece of hardware, but some missing features and a lacklustre game library hold it back from perfection.

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Your Turn: A postcard from Skyrim

skyrim mountains

Screen Play reader Andrew Masters Reader Andrew Masters has submitted this very entertaining account of how he found himself in Skyrim for real while on holiday recently.

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PlayStation 4 launch: Knack vs Killzone Shadow Fall


James Dominguez When the PlayStation 4 launches in Australia on Friday, it will have only two disc-based exclusives, Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall. Read on for DexX's impressions.

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