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Your Turn: 20,000 hexes under the sea

Your Turn reader Sam Spackman Today reader Sam Spackman presents an entertaining exploration - literally - of the vast range of war games.

PlayStation 4 launch: Resogun vs Contrast

contrast ps4

James Dominguez On launch day, the PlayStation 4 will have two high profile exclusive download-only games: Resogun and Contrast. How do they compare?

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Tuesday Newsday: Xbox One launch also tops a million, and John Carmack quits Id.

john carmack oculus rift

James Dominguez The Xbox One has cracked a million day one sales too, John Carmack quits Id Software, and TrackMania turns ten, plus even more news.

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Xbox One: Only the beginning

Microsoft Xbox One

Jason Hill Although there’s no compelling reason to rush to upgrade just yet, Xbox One is a quality machine.

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Caption This! #5

post-it notes

James Dominguez Take a break from your new Xbox One, or from steadfastly refusing to buy an Xbox One, and make with the funny.

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Xbox One day-one game selection: The good, the bad and the awesome

zoo tycoon elephant feeding

James Dominguez Every new console has a dodgy selection of games at launch, but the Xbox One has some pleasant surprises mixed in with the let-downs.

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Hands On: The Xbox One user experience

xbox one

James Dominguez The Xbox One has a lot of features that make it feel very different from previous consoles.

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Your Turn: How many gay video game characters do we really need?

star citizen

A Screen Play reader A Screen Play reader who has chosen to remain anonymous has submitted today's Your Turn, asking whether gay characters are needed in the Kickstarter funded game Star Citizen.

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Xbox One launch: The download-only exclusives

powerstar golf xbox one

James Dominguez Arriving on shelves this Friday, the Xbox One will have a decent-sized library of games on day one. Here are some of the download-only options.

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Overly familiar, but still wins the day

lego marvel super heroes spider-man

James Dominguez Yet another licensed Lego game has arrived on our consoles, this time based on Marvel superhero comics.

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Tuesday Newsday: PS4 sells a million on day one in US

thespacegame the space game ascent

James Dominguez The PlayStation 4 launched in North America last Friday, and sold a million units in a single day. Other news pales in comparison.

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Call of Duty Ghosts: Bombastic


Jason Hill Call of Duty: Ghosts accompanies the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console launches, but is not a next-gen game.

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Caption This! #4

post-it notes

James Dominguez We have a weird one for you this week, a picture from Call of Duty: Ghosts that makes no sense on its own. Come and write a caption that explains it.

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Friday Question: What are your favourite "breaking the fourth wall" moments?

metal gear solid psycho mantis

James Dominguez Every now and then a character in a video game makes it clear that they know that their world is just someone else's entertainment. What are your favourite moments?

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CEO of Australia's video games peak body talks classification

r18+ 18 r rating

James Dominguez Ron Curry is CEO of IGEA, the Australian peak body for video game publishers. Today we present the first of two parts of a lengthy interview, in which we discuss game classification and how things...

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Metagaming: When video games are about video games

stanley parable

James Dominguez When a creative medium matures, it begins to examine itself, and video gaming has begun to produce some fascinating examples of metacommentary.

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Your Turn: A Brief History of Microsoft and the Xbox

xbox controller original hamburger

Screen Play reader Andrew Yoshimura In the final part of his fascinating series of retrospectives looking at the major players in video gaming history, today Andrew Yoshimura looks at Microsoft and the Xbox.

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Tearaway: A ripping yarn you can touch

tearaway iota atoi

James Dominguez While its gameplay may be fairly basic, its the presentation and production values that make Tearaway, from the creators of Little Big Planet, something very special.

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Tuesday Newsday: BlizzCon news, Xbox One out early, and video game rating review controversy

r18+ 18 r rating

James Dominguez BlizzCon dropped a pile of news about new World of Warcraft content, Target posts out some Xbox Ones early, and Classification Review Board announces controversial mass review.

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Assassin’s Creed IV: Back in Black

assassin's creed iv black flag

Jason Hill Even the biggest Assassin’s Creed fans could be forgiven for suffering franchise fatigue, but Black Flag is hugely entertaining.

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